Venus in Scorpio: Why is The Darkness Erotic?

Dec 04, 2023

 Venus, planet of love, relationships, beauty, creativity, harmony, and peace moves into Scorpio today and forms a square to Pluto, lord of the underworld. 

Here, we can feel the seduction of Pluto. Pluto is the erotic pull we feel to entertain our own darkness, to let shadow have its way with us because on some level, it feels so good. These are the parts of us that play with neuroses, jealousies, disloyalties, obsessions, power struggles, taboos, and urges for control that plague our relationships. Our desires to ride the unhealthy highs and lows and be consumed by them.

Venus square Pluto teaches us there is purpose in this - transformation and the reclamation of POWER in love. Let’s look at the tale of Persephone and Demeter in Greek mythology for a deeper look. 

Persephone, maiden goddess of spring, is kidnapped by Hades and taken to the underworld. Demeter, her mother and goddess of agriculture, harvest, & fertility, weeps for the loss of her daughter. She refuses to bring fertility to the land until Persephone is brought back. Thus, the season turns to winter, bringing coldness and death. Hades makes Persephone Queen of the underworld and strikes a deal with Demeter. Persephone would be allowed to visit her mother in the upperworld during one half of the year, bringing Spring and rebirth to the land.

The fact that Persephone is *kidnapped* and taken to the underworld is symbolic of a phenomenon that we ALL experience and fall victim to in relationships. This symbolizes our own darkness hijacking our consciousness… when the shadowy unconscious kidnaps us, makes decisions for us, and leads us to our fall.

We are most susceptible to this when we don’t do shadow work around love, because we haven’t yet learned to claim our power. And this, my friends, is the difference between maiden Persephone, and QUEEN Persephone of the underworld. 

It is our inability to acknowledge and claim our power in the midst of our the erotic darkness that leads to our kidnapping and self-destruction in relationships. Remember, Pluto is lord of death and rebirth. He is the dark destructive force that burns everything to the ground so you don’t have anything left but to recognize and utilize the power within to build back up. 

The purpose of this is deep transformation - to be transformed from the maiden archetype into the divine QUEEN that embodies personal power, strength, and sovereignty over her inner realm. The maiden plays games in love, falls victim to her own jealousy, and needs someone outside of her to convince her of her beauty and worth. The queen knows her worth, and recognizes the power she has within to dance with her darkness skillfully. 

With Venus in Scorpio, we’re asked to find our power again by bringing love to the underworld. Venus's purpose is to restore peace and harmony - one cannot do that without opposing sides in conflict. She asks us to visit the parts of us that lie within the underworld and show up for them with acceptance, non-judgement, and compassion. It is when we do this that we actually transform and create space to birth something new into creation.

Since art is Venus’s domain, we can meet our underworlds through creative endeavors such as painting, poetry, or music - any way that allows us to dance our unconscious in a healthy way, sending ourselves the message that we are powerful enough to hold it. 

How are you being asked bring love to the darkness?



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