Certified Jungian Coach, Shadow Worker, Astrologer, Speaker, Published Author, Ceremonial Facilitator 

 In a former life, Marisa (Riss) Cottrill was a Biomedical Engineer and graduate from Drexel University. Specializing in tissue engineering and stem cell studies, she worked in a variety of laboratories across the country performing cutting edge research. Although her life looked great on paper by society's standards, something always felt painful, inauthentic, and misaligned.   

Marisa had a life-changing experience that altered the course of her life and sent her down the spiritual path. From that day on, she promised herself that she'd dedicate her life to understanding the inner-workings of her mind in order to transform her reality and live an authentic life. 

She turned to astrology for answers and it served as a guide back to herself. Through the lens of this ancient practice along with shadow work, she reclaimed her natural gifts, talents. After studying with Chris Brennan with the Astrology School and receiving certification through Creative Mind University as a Jungian coach, Marisa serves as a professional shadow worker and astrologer. She helps people reconnect to their own authentic expressions on a full-time basis, using the modalities that healed her so deeply.

‚ÄúRiss not only made a safe place for me to explore who I really am, but she‚Äôs the first person with whom I‚Äôve been my most authentic self. Many people review that she‚Äôs changed their lives, and I add my name to that list. I was in a very hopeless place, and she helped me to move forward with my life. I am grateful beyond words for her compassion and wisdom. Riss‚Äô coaching containers are a safe place free from judgment and full of healing.‚ÄĚ
- Sarah M.
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Shadow Work 101

 A beginner's level 60 minute class to help you learn the basics of shadow work

In this pre-recorded class, I discuss what shadow work is, how to do it, and its many benefits. I also cover how to incorporate it into your spiritual practices, and end with a practical shadow work practice you can do at any time in the future.