The Wisdom of Menstrual Pain (YouTube Video Included)

Jul 25, 2021

Society has taught women to hide our period in shame. It encourages embarrassment, disgust, and total dishonoring of the divine feminine and her creative force. We hide tampons up our sleeves and power walk to the bathroom. We’re afraid to tell someone we’re having trouble concentrating because we’re in pain, fatigued, and experiencing rapid waves of emotion. In today’s world, women ‘power through’ the day without stopping for just a moment to be present with their bodies as they continuously bleed … however, we have the power to change this. 

One of the reasons why I really wanted to work for myself (and there are many), is to be able to fully honor my body when I’m menstruating. On the day of my bleed this month, I began to develop the usual symptoms – major abdominal pain, fatigue, and massive headaches. Still, I caught myself wanting to ‘power through’, and this was my call to stop and light my menstrual candle (I offer menstrual ritual kits in my shop FOR THIS VERY REASON. Women need a way to honor their bleed, even if it just means lighting a candle and sprinkling some herbs into the flame).

Suddenly, it didn’t matter what I had on my calendar, because I knew that my bleed is an opportunity to stop, connect with myself, and spirit. I laid on the floor with my ritual candle lit and my hand on my stomach. I tuned into my body, breathed into the pain, and rubbed my belly to remind myself that I am here for me, no matter what society tells me to believe.

The bleed isn’t just something your body does biologically. It’s a call to show up – building trust, love, and care in the relationship you have with yourself. It gives you tools to approach your pain in life, and provides you with an opportunity to connect with spirit. It’s an invitation to recognize how magickal your body is, carrying the divine feminine ability to create life.

When you experience pain or shadow of any kind, this is the time to STOP, tune in, and be with your experience. This is how we create awareness around what’s happening. Awareness leads to facing pain, which leads to opportunities for healing and growth, which leads to transcendence. 

So please, refrain from viewing your bleed as an annoyance or an inconvenience, no matter what society tells you to believe. The way you perceive your menstrual cycle will create exactly what you’ll get out of it. The bleed reminds us of our creative force – what reality are YOU creating around the scared menstrual cycle?


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