The Virgo New Moon

Aug 21, 2022

The new moon in Virgo on August 27th brings an opportunity for moving forward with a clean slate. It’s an invitation to clear and cleanse any underlying tension, frustration, or conflict so we can finally move forward. There’s emphasis on restoring harmony to our relationships, and addressing where we are at war with ourselves and others. It’ll require us to develop new mindsets, get curious about other people’s experiences, and courageously communicate on levels that we haven’t before. 

The Virgo new moon serves as an invitation for healing, grounding, and organizing. Virgo’s function is to bring order to disarray, so it is only fitting that the new moon forms a square to Mars in Gemini - a sign that represents chaos. This places emphasis on our mental health, bringing grounding to the mind by anchoring into practicality and problem solving. We are challenged to refrain from acting upon impulses that bring conflict, chaos, and disorder. Instead, we are called to pause, analyze, and get curious about our (and other people’s) experiences. This is the time to examine our underlying tensions and focus on gaining the necessary information needed to have a healthy and practical conversation. The sun and moon both sit at 4 degrees of Virgo at 4 minutes, and form a square to Mars which is also at 4 degrees. The significance of this number in numerology is stability and groundedness. It’s yet another invitation to bring sturdiness to our connections.

Both Gemini and Virgo are ruled by Mercury. As this planet transits through Libra, Mercury places further emphasis on our relationships. Virgo offers deep cleansing and clearing through careful examination and attention to detail. This could be a call to detox your relationships, whether this means letting someone go, clearing the air of conflict, or changing your ways to bring stability to your connections. Now is the time to address underlying frustrations. Gemini focuses on our communication, urging us to have necessary conversations in order to gain new information, and finally move forward. Mercury in Libra reminds us to take all perspectives into account, not just the ones that serve us and our egos.

This is a potent invitation to notice where our intentions lie, and how we are utilizing our willpower. Virgo is a sign of service, however, we have to bring awareness to whether we’re in service to harmony or war. The shadow side of Virgo can fall into criticism, perfectionism, and nitpicking. It can get so tangled in saying the right thing at the right time in the right way that it doesn’t end up saying anything at all. Mars brings an air of courage and initiation, inviting us to find the bravery to speak our minds in a grounded and practical manner. This isn’t about being perfect, criticizing ourselves (or others), or controlling. It’s about bringing mindfulness to how we’re navigating conflict, and being in service to peace and harmony in our relationships (with self and others). This is an opportunity to cultivate the courage needed to share our thoughts and be seen, even if we don’t show up ‘perfectly’. Perfectionism is the nemesis of authenticity, and criticism cripples healthy curiosity.

Mercury forms an opposition to Jupiter retrograde, calling us to recognize and reflect upon the learning opportunities at play. This is about seeing the bigger picture and spiritual lessons that help us become wiser in our relationships. Lastly, Pluto retrograde forms a trine to Mercury. This placement highlights transformation around our communication and thought patterning. Now is a great time for pausing and introspecting about how you are showing up, and what needs to die in order for new relational dynamics to be reborn. What do you need to cleanse and clear in time for the new moon?

Blessed Virgo new moon, my loves! 

Honoring this new moon can look like…

  1. Reflecting upon underlying frustrations: This is a great time to take inventory of your relationships and notice if there’s any underlying tension. Spend time meditating on where the frustration stems from, and gaining necessary information to approach a healthy conversation practically. 

  2. Detoxing your relationships: This is a time of relational transformation. Reflect upon what needs to die and be reborn in order to step into greater harmony. This may look like changing your ways, letting someone go, or rebuilding a relationship with someone. Virgo seeks to purify and cleanse, so how can you bring this to your relationships?

  3. Addressing communication patterns: Instead of criticizing yourself and others, controlling, or entertaining perfectionism, focus on bringing harmony to yourself and  relationships. Make peace with the war within, and your communication patterns will transform.

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