The Virgo Full Moon

Mar 18, 2022

The Virgo full moon on March 18th brings our current cycle to a close, with Ostara, and the astrological new year around the corner. Before embracing a new beginning, we must embrace an ending. The full moon is an opportunity to reflect upon our journey thus far, and do a bit of spring cleaning both internally, and externally. This will require healing, purging, and making amends with whatever keeps us awake at night, so we don’t bring it into a new chapter ahead. It’s also a call to celebrate the blessings that have presented themselves on our journeys.

The sun transits through Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, and the full moon symbolizes completion. We are being ushered into a season of fully letting go, and preparing to surrender to the mysterious forces that give, and take life itself. Before spring brings a great rebirth, we are guided by the wisdom of Virgo, represented by the virgin. Virgo is a symbol of purification, healing, organization, and cleansing. Therefore, this full moon brings opportunity for spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional detoxification.

There are many ways to detox. Physically, we can consume foods, and drinks that support a deep cleanse, and change our diet. We can go through our storage units, and closets, de-cluttering and making space for anew. Mentally, we can sit in meditation, and allow our minds to slow down, shift toxic mental patterns, and create a mindfulness practice. However, the planetary placements in Pisces point to a more emotional, and spiritual nature. So how do we rummage through our emotional, and spiritual closets? How do we meet the skeletons where they are, heal, and give ourselves permission to release them?

The sun, Neptune, Jupiter, and Mercury all sit within the constellation of Pisces. This archetype is connected transcendence into higher states of consciousness. In order to cleanse ourselves of past cycles, and ascend, we must allow ourselves to sit with what is. To tap into our beings, and intuitions, and be honest about what robs us of our inner peace. Pisces is a highly spiritual archetype, and encourages us to view our past experiences through the lens of God(s). In order to heal, we must hold ourselves with compassion, care, and forgiveness of self, and others. Neptune conjunct the sun points to a dissolving of the ego as we reflect on our experiences, and soften into unconditional love.

It is important to note that the shadow side of Virgo grasps for perfectionism, leading to criticism of self, and others. However, Pisces reminds us that healing isn’t perfect. If you check in with your heart, and where you are authentically, perhaps you aren’t ready to fully let go. This is okay, and in fact, Pisces encourages us to ‘follow our natural flow’. The opposition between Virgo and Pisces reminds us that we must seek a balance between control, and surrender. Only concern yourself with what is within your control, leaving the rest to larger forces. Moving forward to a new chapter doesn’t have to look a certain way, or be ‘perfect’. What matters is you are moving forward in a way that feels truly healing, compassionate, and cleansing.

This is an invitation to let go of self-criticism for how things were handled in the past, and release the details that your mind revisits over, and over again. We cannot let go, and transcend by beating ourselves up. We have to be willing to stop criticizing, and start forgiving. Forgive yourself, and others, for not seeing things clearly, having poor boundaries, self-sacrificing, escaping reality, or whatever comes up for you on the full moon. As Jupiter transits through Pisces, we are reminded to look at the bigger picture with optimism, seeing our challenges as lessons, and opportunities for spiritual expansion. It is of vital importance that we celebrate our journeys thus far, paying equal attention to the blessings, fortune, and abundance that have come our way.

The Virgo full moon forms a trine to Pluto, lord of death, and rebirth. This placement gives us full permission to grieve matters of the past. To come to terms with what didn’t happen, or did, and build acceptance. This is an opportunity for emotional alchemy, and deep transformation, so we may be reborn into new versions of ourselves, just like the buds and blossoms of spring.

Happy Virgo full moon, loves!

Honoring this full moon may look like doing…

  1. Spring cleaning: Purify physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Throw out what is no longer serving. Organize, and de-clutter to make room for anew. As you do this, visualize old energy, and matters of the past leaving your physical, and energetic space. You can smudge your house, detox your body, and purge emotionally.

  2. A releasing ritual using the earth element: Smudge your space, and reflect on what has gone well, and what has not gone well. Celebrate your blessings, and get clear on what you are letting go of so you don’t carry past residue into the next chapter. Then, perform a releasing ritual, working with the earth element in honor of Virgo. This could look like purchasing tea for detoxing, and drinking the tea during ritual. With every sip, visualize yourself releasing old energy.

  3. Inner-healing: Sit in meditation, and get clear on what is robbing you of your peace. Allow yourself to listen to what comes up with unconditional love, and compassion. Let your emotions arise, acknowledging them so they can be released. Then, make a list of what you’re forgiving yourself for, and what you’re doing differently. Place the list somewhere you can see it every day.

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