The Sagittarius Super Full Moon Eclipse

May 26, 2021

Eclipse season is officially among us, and it starts with the full moon in Sagittarius on May 26th, 2021. This lunar event is also known as the Super Blood Moon Eclipse, as it appears larger in the night sky and glows red. In astrology, eclipses mark change and fated encounters. Within the sign of Sagittarius, we are facing the inevitable truth that in order to expand your reality, you must be willing to expand your mind.

The sun is transiting through Gemini, an archetype that values fact, logic, and intellect. However, Jupiter in Pisces challenges this way of perceiving the world. It reminds us that logic isn’t the only way of receiving information, and it is equally important to trust your inner knowing. Pisces is connected to intuition, spirit, and emotion; concepts that are foreign to Gemini. However, here’s a fact that Gemini hasn’t considered – rational analysis only goes so far, and at some point, you must turn to your inner wisdom for guidance.

Jupiter and Sagittarius are linked to the expansion of consciousness. This is an invitation to realize where you are being closed minded, and to consider re-thinking what is possible beyond logical reason. Sagittarius and Jupiter are tied to optimism, so even if you don’t think something is possible for you, now is the time to challenge that. This is an opportunity to mold the way you think, accepting that the best possible outcome might not be outlandish after all. Maybe, just maybe, the dream can manifest into reality. Sagittarius is concerned with the big picture, and it encourages a larger than life mentality.

Consider that in order for expansion and growth to take place externally, it also needs to happen internally. Sagittarius is the traveler and wanderer. It goes from place to place, seeking wisdom and truth about this complex universe. With the moon in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Pisces, the focus turns inward. Sometimes, the traveling and truth seeking needs to happen within. The super full moon eclipse is a great time to embark on an inner journey, taking inventory of your thoughts, feelings, outlooks, etc. With Pisces in the mix, this is an opportunity for transcendence. If you were to imagine your inner world, what would it look like? Do you feel big or small inside of it? Where do you feel an imbalance between logic and intuition? Do you trust your inner wisdom, and if not, why?

Generally, full moons are invitations to release what is no longer serving us, and to celebrate our path thus far. With the south node making a conjunction to the full moon, it is especially important to purge and let go, as we are meant to shift towards higher purpose. This is the karma that is activated during the eclipse. Take note of old patterning that feels familiar, but holds you back from living large. With Saturn in retrograde, bring your awareness to limiting beliefs surrounding future visions and goals, and let them go. This is a time to dream big and get creative with future visions, while giving thanks for your journey thus far.


Happy super full moon eclipse in Sagittarius!

Celebrating this full moon eclipse may look like…

1)         Release limiting beliefs: Sagittarius is a fire sign, so this is an opportunity to work with the element of fire. Obtain a red candle, a glass bowl, and a pen. Write down your limiting beliefs on a piece of paper, and release them by setting fire to the list and dropping it in the glass bowl. Take care to practice safety.

2)         Tune into your intuition: Sit in a quiet, meditative space, and tune into your intuition. What is does your inner wisdom say about where you are in life? What do you need to let go of, and where should you be going?

3)         Visualize your inner world: In order to expand your outer world, you must expand your inner world. Spend time with who you are internally by visualizing what your inner world looks like, and how you feel in it. Is it dull, or vibrant? Small, medium, large? Take inventory of where you are right now, and give yourself permission to explore.

4)         Journal about your ideal reality: This is an opportunity to dream big, and fantasize about your ideal reality. What does it mean for you to live large? What would serve your expansion and growth? Journal about this on the night of the full moon eclipse.

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