The Sagittarius Full Moon

Jun 12, 2022

The full moon in Sagittarius on June 14th brings adventure, wisdom, and growth. It is a celebration of our journeys thus far, and an invitation to let go of anything holding us back from expanding our horizons. Saturn retrograde offers guidance, and wisdom to help us along our path, and face our limitations (or what we believe to be limitations). This is an opportunity to let go of past pain for the purpose of challenging old mindsets, moving forward, and opening to new experiences. 

The Sagittarius full moon forms a trine to Mars conjunct Chiron. This highlights wounding around our drive, assertiveness, and ability to move forward. Perhaps you faced rejection in the past around your passions, and this prevents you from pursuing what you truly want. Or maybe you’ve experienced wounding around motivation, which prevents you from taking action on your deepest desires. It’s also possible that a past experience left you feeling unconfident about being direct - whether that means expressing yourself directly, or directly pursuing something with conviction. Whatever it may be, the connection from Mars and Chiron to the Sagittarius full moon invites us to heal old wounds that have shaped our life philosophies. 

Sagittarius points to our belief systems, life philosophies, and our ‘big picture' views on the world. This full moon is an opportunity to notice the ways in which you’re holding yourself back, and question the underlying beliefs at play. It’s an invitation to reflect upon the wounds that are shaping your bigger outlooks on life, and playing a role in your inability to move forward or expand your horizons. What do your actions, or lack thereof, tell you about what you truly believe about yourself, and your reality? Are these beliefs true, and if not, what is? This is a great time to check in with the blueprint you’ve created for your life, and let go of what isn’t serving you anymore. Though it may be scary to release old philosophies, Sagittarius reminds us that adventuring into the unknown is the path to spiritual expansion. When we have the courage to try on new ways of being, this brings us closer to our inner truth. We cannot reach our full potential or know who we truly are without questioning our beliefs and stepping into new experiences. 

A T-Square (two squares and an opposition) occupies the chart, involving the sun in Gemini, the full moon in Sagittarius, and Neptune in Pisces. This placement can point to escapism, dysregulation, fantasy, confusion, dissolution, “toxic spirituality”, and lack of mindfulness. In its shadow, Neptune can cloud our judgment, and bring deception. Again, this serves as an invitation to reflect on your belief systems, and views on life. It’s a gentle push to check-in, and question whether there’s any deception taking place within yourself, or another.  

Saturn retrograde in Aquarius forms a sextile to the full moon in Sagittarius, highlighting the wisdom of doing things differently, and dancing to the beat of your own drum. Inner turmoil and discord can occur when we blindly follow someone else’s life philosophies without taking the time to form our own, and question the views of those around us. When we give ourselves permission to play the rebel every once in a while and push the envelope, this gives us an opportunity to build our own views on the world. This placement provides us with the support, and encouragement we need to reflect upon where we are limiting, delaying, or hindering ourselves from taking the path less traveled. This is also a beautiful time to think about our future visions and reflect on where we lack the structure, maturity, and discipline to ground the dream into reality.  

The Sagittarius full moon is a divine opportunity to celebrate all the adventures you’ve had thus far, and new experiences that have shaped who you are today. Your life philosophies, beliefs, and outlooks have gotten you so far, and it’s important to acknowledge that. This is also a wonderful time to check in with any outdated views that are preventing you from moving forward, and release them so you can expand your horizons. 


Happy full moon!


Honoring this full moon may look like…


  1. Doing a fire ceremony: Sagittarius is a fire sign. This is a wonderful time to reflect on what you’re releasing, write it down on a piece of paper, and burn it in a ceremonial fire. Of course, always practice safety!

  2. Check-in with your belief systems, and life philosophies: Reflect on the future vision you’d like to create, and what is holding you back from pursuing this. Make a list of any limiting beliefs, or outlooks on life that prevent you from moving forward. This is also a great time to do shadow work, and heal old wounds that hinder your ability to reach your highest potential.

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