The Pisces Full Moon

Sep 05, 2022

On September 10th, the full moon in Pisces will illuminate areas of our lives that are calling us to surrender and go with the flow. This is a period of introspection, intuitive guidance, and emotional awareness. It’s an opportunity to slow down and reflect on where we are forcing things or trying to control. New avenues may make themselves known once we loosen our grips and tune into our intuition. Tapping into the dreamy, fantasy, and spiritual realms can provide us with additional insight and clarity.

Mars in Gemini presents a bit of tension on the night of the full moon, highlighting the desire to impulsively take action on ideas or discussions. This placement is all about moving forward even if it means bringing conflict or forcefulness. This is a ‘my way or the highway’ approach to conversation and gathering new information. However, this full moon asks us to surrender control, go with the flow, and trust that important information will reveal itself. Mercury just went retrograde, and the full moon forms a conjunction to Neptune retrograde, bringing an air of introspection. This is not about reaction, but rather observation. Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, and the full moon encourage us to turn to our intuition, emotions, and spirit for clarity.

 This is a great time to pay attention to our dreams, as messages from the subconscious can provide us with important information. This is also an opportunity to tap into our imaginations and practice visualization for guidance. We can imagine our current circumstances as a stream and ourselves as fish. The Pisces symbol depicts two fish swimming in opposite directions, representing one fish swimming with the current of the stream while the other swims against it. This is a reminder that you’re an extension of spirit. By tuning into intuition, we can often feel the natural direction of the stream. It’s only a matter of whether we’re willing to flow with it, or fight against it. The shadow side of Pisces and Neptune can bring about confusion, indecision, and deception. This is a call to get honest with ourselves about where we have been entertaining an illusion or fantasy that isn’t rooted in truth, and causing us to swim astray.

Uranus conjunct the north node presents unexpected paths and downloads of new information. This planet is the great liberator, awakening us to higher knowledge that rapidly shifts and changes our perspective. Once we sit within the stillness of meditation and allow truth to emerge, avenues may open that we weren’t previously aware of. It may be that there is an entirely different route along the stream that we couldn’t previously see while fighting to control external circumstances, rather than tuning into our inner landscape. Once we release attachments to things looking a certain way, we open ourselves to new possibilities. What do you need to release in order to go with the flow, and create a clear channel for hearing intuition? What are you celebrating about your path thus far?

Blessed Pisces full moon!

Honoring this full moon may look like…

  1. Taking a ritual bath: Pisces is connected to the element of water. This is a great time to take a ritual bath and set intentions using specific essential oils and herbs. Make space for meditation and connection to your intuition. Within the stillness, allow your feelings to emerge and inform you of deeper truth.

  2. Doing a releasing ritual: The full moon is about celebration and letting go. Obtain a pen, paper, and bowl of water. Reflect on what is currently going well, and what is out of alignment. Make a list of what you are releasing, and place the piece of paper in your bowl of water. As the ink seeps into the water, imagine yourself releasing what is no longer serving.

  3. Making moon water: Another great way to work with this element is making moon water. Place water in a container and allow it to bath under the moonlight. You can infuse your intention into the water and use it for baths, drinking, and plants.

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