The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus

Apr 30, 2022

As we approach Beltane, a new moon solar eclipse in Taurus brings unexpected changes, twists of fate, and new beginnings. On April 30th, we must take care to ground ourselves, as we’re in for a wild ride. If you’ve been feeling stuck, stagnant, or directionless, breakthroughs may be on the horizon. Uranus awakens us with deeper insight and information that allows us to create new realities. Mars in Pisces provides us with the courage to trust our intuition, and surrender to the unfolding.

This new moon is characterized by a partial solar eclipse, which occurs when the moon blocks sunlight from reaching the earth. The moon is associated with our inward nature – our emotions, intuition, instincts, subconscious, and more. Conversely, the sun is connected to our outward nature – our mission, ego, agenda, purpose, consciousness, and more. Symbolically, a solar eclipse can point to our inward nature standing in the way of our mission in life. It can highlight where our emotions, and subconscious cloud our ability to move forward.

The shadow side of Taurus has a tendency to stay stuck, and stagnant. Fearful of change, this archetype clings to whatever feels familiar, and comfortable. It values safety, and although this isn’t inherently bad, it becomes a problem when it develops a false sense of security, and prevents itself from stepping outside of its comfort zone. This inevitably hinders its growth, and ability to accept necessary challenges that come with deeper purpose, and mission. However, as the new moon forms a conjunction to Uranus, all of that is about to change. Uranus brings about sudden, and unexpected shifts. It is known as ‘the awakener’, providing us with deeper insight, and new information meant to launch us forward into a new chapter. With the north node at play, there’s an element of fate, encouraging us to trust that our destinies are unfolding.

Within the sign of Taurus, shifts can occur around worth, beauty, security, value, money, practicality, sustainability, resources, pleasure, sensuality, and more. During this new moon, it’s important to reflect on these themes, and where you feel a call for change in your own life. The changes that come with eclipses are often out of our control, but we can take care to move with the forces at play, instead of against them. What are the subconscious, and emotional aspects at play that have prevented you from moving forward? How can you prepare for change, and give yourself the necessary support? Deep down, how would you like things to change? Mars within Pisces reminds us to move forward from a place of compassion, and align our actions, desires, and motives with unconditional self-love. On the night of the new moon, allow yourself to play with what this could look like for you. While the new moon in Taurus can bring unexpected changes to our external realities (especially in the physical realms of life), the planets in Pisces remind us of the resources that can be found within ourselves, and a deep connection to spirit. Often times, the potential for change and getting unstuck lies within our ability to hold ourselves with empathy, kindness, and love. To look beyond ego, see ourselves on a deeper level, and give ourselves the emotional nourishment we’re longing for.

The mixture of energy in Pisces, and Taurus allows us to ground our dreams into reality, should we accept invitations for change. With Mars playing a significant role in what’s to come, we’re being encouraged to listen to our intuitive nudges. We may not be crystal clear on what we’re manifesting into the physical realm, but we must trust that our intuition is guiding us forward. Venus, the ruler of Taurus, forms a conjunction to Jupiter in Pisces. This placement brings optimism, faith, and fortune as we lean into the courage to trust, and surrender to the unfolding. This placement also reminds us that love is abundant, and a resource that never runs dry, should we remember to tap into it.

Happy Taurus new moon!

Honoring this new moon could look like….

  1. Meditating on change: Do you feel called to shift anything in your life? Allow yourself to sit in meditation, and get clear on this answer. Take care to move beyond the subconscious fear, and into supportive love.

  2. Going on nature walks: Taurus is an earth sign, and connecting with nature can be a beautiful way to honor this new moon.

  3. Doing a self-care ritual: Taurus concerns itself with sustainability, longevity, and quality. In order to improve the quality of your life, and ensure your lifestyle is sustainable, spend some time doing a self-care ritual. You can do things that give you pleasure, like eating a rich piece of chocolate, or indulging in an herbal bath.

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