The New Moon in Pisces

Mar 02, 2022

The Pisces new moon on March 2nd, 2022 is an opportunity to dream big, and ground fantasy into reality. This is the start of a new chapter. While the sky is the limit, there’s also a lot of potential for healing, and doing things differently. Pisces is connected to transcendence, and there’s opportunity for reflection upon who we have become, and the challenges that have molded us into wiser beings. As we move forward on our paths, we must do so with the guidance of our higher selves, and spirit. This new moon is a time for tapping into intuition, trusting ourselves (and the divine), and deeply surrendering to the process.

This new moon is characterized by a rare transit. Jupiter and Neptune form a conjunction to one another, which only occurs about every 12-13 years. This is especially notable because they are both rulers of Pisces (Jupiter is the traditional ruler, while Neptune the modern), and they’re transiting through Pisces. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, while Neptune is connected to fantasy. This is a divine opportunity to dream big. There are no boundaries, or limitations with Neptune, and Jupiter brings an air optimism. As you formulate intentions for the Pisces new moon, ask yourself ‘What would I create in my life if I had absolutely no limitations, and anything was possible?’

The shadow side of Neptune lives in fantasy as a means of escapism, however, this planet reminds us that imagination is a powerful thing, and can be very useful with the right intentions. There’s information within the fantasies, and daydreams that we entertain over and over again. This gives us insight into what we truly desire, and can also provide us with clarity around where we’re holding ourselves back, or have so in the past.

With an exact conjunction between Pluto, Mars, and Venus, there’s transformation at play. This is an invitation to reflect upon our goals, and creative pursuits that have fallen apart in the past, but ultimately served our evolution. Jupiter is a ‘big picture energy’, as well as Pisces. This is a time for healing, transcending, and meditating on the ways we have grown wiser with experience. Perhaps whatever we were trying to create wasn’t in alignment with our highest good, but provided us with necessary obstacles to grow, and evolve. Pisces moves beyond the human experience, and into the realm of spirit. Sometimes, we don’t know why things happen the way we do, but this archetype reinforces the importance of trust. Hard experiences shape, and prepare us to make better choices, and follow a higher calling.

Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces points to expansion in spirituality, and heightened intuition. This is a time to tap into what is in your highest good, and deepen your relationship to faith. Whatever your experience has been in the past, don’t use it as an excuse to give up. View it as important information that can help you redirect, and empower yourself. Uranus forms a sextile to the new moon, providing us with an opportunity to think outside of the box, and do things differently.

Saturn forms an exact conjunction to Mercury, a busy planet that rules logic, communication, and thought. This placement squares Uranus, planet of awakening, liberation, innovation, and information. This is an invitation to sit in meditation, and allow your mind to slow down enough gain a different perspective. To see the truth behind pessimism, and break free of mental prisons. It’s an opportunity to receive insight, information, and messages that can awaken you to deeper understanding. When you allow the mind to rest, this can lead to sudden realizations, and innovative ideas that wouldn’t be accessible to a foggy, busy mind. Lastly, Saturn allows us to ground our visions, and insights into reality with slow, and calculative planning.

Happy Pisces new moon!

Honoring this new moon may look like…

  1. Reflecting on your day dreams: Notice what you have been dreaming about for a while now. There is important information within your fantasies, and they can lead you to what you truly desire.Once you’ve received clarity around what you want, set intentions for the new moon.

  2. Connecting with your ‘higher self’: Allow yourself to tap into imagination, and visualize a version of yourself that you’d like to grow into. Ask them for guidance on how to move forward with your dreams, and goals. This is a time of heightened intuition.

  3. Dream work: This is a great time to practice dream work while you sleep. You can set the intention to receive deeper insight into what you want to create through your dreams at night.

  4. Meditating: Pisces is connected to meditation, and transcendence. Allow yourself to sit in meditation, and relax the mind. You can focus on your breath if this is helpful. Notice if any deeper insight, understandings, or messages come through.


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