The New Moon in Leo

Jul 22, 2022

Lammas (Lughnasadh) is just around the corner, bringing with it a new moon in Leo on July 28th, 2022. This pagan sabbat marks the first harvest, and symbolizes a chapter of abundance. Lammas is an opportunity to pause and celebrate a bountiful life, giving thanks for our wealth in its many forms. This is also reflected in the chart for the new moon. Generous, and heart-centered Leo invites us to recognize the riches around us, and within us. This may require us to heal old wounds that prevent us from seeing the truth, and perpetuate poverty mentalities.

Jupiter, planet of expansion and abundance, forms a trine to the Leo new moon, magnifying its attributes. Leo is connected to courage, strength, vitality, playfulness, talent, creativity, generosity, flirtatiousness, flamboyance, charisma, sovereignty, performance, leadership, and more. It’s time to reflect on these qualities, acknowledge when/how we embody them, and celebrate the fortune they have brought us. This new moon is also an opportunity to recognize the abundance that you bring to the world, simply by sharing your unique self.

That said, Jupiter forms a conjunction to Chiron, the wounded healer. This can point to sensitivity, wounding, or blockages to embodying our truth. With Mercury in the mix, this is a great time to reflect on any stories you may have about yourself or others that prevent you from shining your light. When we receive the message (from ourselves or others) that we’re ‘‘too much’,  or  ‘not enough’, this can hinder our ability to see the truth of who we are, and share it with others. Jupiter conjunct Chiron invites us to heal old wounds, beliefs, and fears around taking up too much space. This is an opportunity to notice where we’re making ourselves small, and dimming our light in fear of rejection, or being ‘too big’. It’s time to claim our truth with a mighty ROAR, and be seen in all of our glory. The right people will gladly sit back, and watch the show.

Lastly, Pluto retrograde forms a trine to Uranus and the North Node. This placement can bring sudden change for the sake of evolution, and transformation. It calls us to meet old versions of ourselves that aren’t working, and burn them to the ground so we may rise from the ashes. With Pluto retrograde making an opposition to the Leo new moon, we are being reborn into new versions of ourselves that embody confidence, sovereignty, and strength. Within the sign of Capricorn, this placement invites us to reflect on where we are giving our power away, and being too cautious, rigid, or calculative about sharing all of ourselves with the world. True power is sourced from within. It comes from knowing who we are, owning our truth, and having the courage to be seen in it.

Happy Leo new moon!

Honoring the Leo new moon may look like…

  1. Exploring your talents, and getting creative: Leo is connected to our talents, and where we shine most. Now is the time to get creative, and share this part of you with the world! Notice if there’s any resistance that comes up, as this may point to old wounds that prevent you from being seen in all of your glory.

  2. Inner child-healing: Leo rules children, and with Chiron in the mix, this could be a really great time to do some inner-child healing. If you experienced something in the past that stunts your creativity, confidence, or strength, it could be a cue to have a conversation with your inner child.

  3. Making a gratitude list: One way to recognize the abundance in your life is to make a gratitude list. Write down all of the things in your life that bring you abundance, while also acknowledging things about yourself that you’re thankful for. 


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