The New Moon in Gemini

May 30, 2022

The new moon in Gemini on May 30th brings a fresh beginning, and a new adventure that is in service to our evolution. While it may look like things are falling apart, we’ll soon come to realize that this is only a push forward. Stepping into new territory may feel uncomfortable, but there is so much valuable information, and knowledge to be gained that will ultimately expand our horizons as well as our consciousness. Curve balls, and unexpected twists of fate are the universe’s way of redirecting us to our truths, and reminding us how resourceful we actually are. 

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and the messenger god. Since Mercury is the fastest moving planet in our solar system, Gemini is known for its quick wit, and never staying still for too long. It buzzes from one thing to the next, gathering information and delivering messages. This archetype is also connected to cleverness, facts, logic, trickery, communication, information, curiosity, duality, short term travel, and more. However, Mercury is stationed retrograde at the time of the new moon, putting an interesting spin on this celestial event.

Mercury sits within the earthy sign of Taurus, an archetype that is slow, steady, and grounded into practicality. This can be challenging, and even unfamiliar to fast paced Mercury, as its nature is based in thought, and ideas. However, its retrograde phase reinforces the call to hit the brakes. This is a reminder that valuable information can come in forms other than logic, but we have to slow down enough to listen. Taurus is connected to the senses, and teaches us that our bodies act as messengers between the inner, and outer worlds. We’re constantly receiving information through sensation, and intuition (Neptune). Our bodies communicate when we don’t like being around certain people, or we find pleasure in doing something, or we feel attracted to someone. They are always speaking, but whether we’re listening is another story. Are you? If you are, what are you doing with that information, and how are you holding it? How can you get curious about the messages you’re giving AND receiving? Gemini teaches us that curiosity and openness to new information can be the antidote to fear.

When Mercury is retrograde, this is a time for inward reflection, and retracing our steps. It’s an opportunity to watch, listen, and observe so we can show up differently. As it forms a conjunction to the north node, this adds an element of fate. Trust that any miscommunications, mishaps, or mistakes are meant to serve you spiritually, as they are the vehicles through which you will grow and evolve. With Pluto at play, these situations may seem intense, and it might feel like everything is falling apart. However, there is a reason for this, and it is meant to bring clarity to your truth, values, and what is worthy of your time and energy. This is the path forward. This is the new beginning. 

The Gemini new moon forms a trine to Mars conjunct Jupiter, bringing an air of optimism and adventure as we connect to our truths, take aligned action, and move forward on our journeys. This is also a call to notice our desires, and bring our awareness to the information present within them. There is so much wisdom in desire, as it is a divine mirror through which our consciousness expands. Our longings point us to where our souls’ crave healing, growth, love, meaning, etc. Desire calls us home to ourselves, spirit, and what we must experience in order to align with greater truth. Mars within Aries brings confidence, courage, and passion as we lean into all that we want. There is a young energy to this placement, much like The Fool card in the tarot. However, beware of foolishness, righteousness, or ‘my way or the highway’ thinking. Take care to adopt a beginner’s mind, humbly moving forward with the curiosity, fluidity, and openness of Gemini.  

Happy Gemini New Moon! 

Honoring this new moon may look like….

  1. Making a list of your desires: Creating a list of what you want can shed light on where you’re longing to expand your horizons. Allow yourself to get honest as you connect to your deepest truths, and desires. What does this reflect about what you truly value, and what is worthy of your time? How would your desire improve your quality of life?

  2. Reflecting and introspecting: While Mercury is retrograde, this is a great time to reflect on miscommunications, mistakes, or things going wrong. What are the invitations at play that can help you evolve and grow? What role are you playing in all of this? This is a great time to journal, and decide how you’d like to show up going forward. 

  3. Connecting to your body: Spend time in meditation connecting to your body. What information does it have for you in regards to your current circumstances? How does your body FEEL? Where do you feel this, and what are the sensations that come with this feeling?

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