The New Moon in Aries

Apr 01, 2022

The Aries new moon on April 1st serves as a fresh start to the astrological new year. Like the burst of energy, and creative life force of Spring, Aries reminds us to lead with passion. This new moon provides us with an opportunity to move forward with our lives, and get clear about where we are headed. As we choose our life’s direction, the planetary arrangements encourage us to look back on where we have been, so we know where we are going. Courage and confidence will be essential to tackling obstacles head-on as we move onward, and upward.

The new moon is a time to set intentions, and plan for the future. It forms a tight conjunction to Chiron, the wounded healer. This placement represents old wounds from the past that serve as teachers, and guides on our path. Aries is connected to the body, identity, motivation, action, risk-taking, assertiveness, directness, courage, competition, and so much more. As you set intentions for the new moon, notice if old wounds come up around what Aries represents. Perhaps someone told you that your passions weren’t good enough, leading to loss of identity, and direction. Or, maybe you struggle with a physical wound that holds you back in more ways than one. Whatever it may be, your past pains hold precious information about what needs healing, the obstacles at play, and maybe even the direction you’re longing for.

Since Mercury forms a conjunction to the Aries new moon, and Chiron, beware of impulsive decisions, initiation of conflict, and thoughts rooted in anger. If this comes up, take care to bear witness to your mind, watching whatever unfolds without judgment, versus reacting to it. Bring your awareness to any old wounding, or old patterning that’s being triggered, and use it as an opportunity for healing. How are your wounds directing you to a new path? What needs love, attention, and care? If you feel triggered, why? What is your anger communicating to you on a deeper level? If selfishness is coming up, where does this come from? These are all valuable questions to think about in honor of the new moon.

Now is the time to redirect, and willfully choose a different path for yourself. Mars, the ruler of Aries, forms a square to Uranus – planet of change, awakening, and revolution. Though it may be uncomfortable, we are encouraged to act from a state of higher consciousness, and show up differently. The conjunction between Mars, and Saturn brings a new level of maturity, and responsibility to one’s actions. Typically, both Mars and Aries are known to be quite impulsive. As we move forward in this next chapter, we’re warned against taking action without careful thought, and a future vision. It is wise to move slowly, learn from the past, and take heed of Venus’s desire for harmony. May our intentions, and actions be rooted in love, for this is the way of the peaceful warrior.

We are the leaders of our own lives – the heroes of our own journeys. Mars conjunct Saturn in Aquarius reminds us that when we take responsibility for how we show up, we set an example for the collective. When we choose differently, this gives other people permission to do the same. Aquarius is the sacred rebel. It breaks free from the status quo, and dares to align with authentic truth – no matter how odd, or out of the box it may seem. Instead of moving from past pain, what would it be like to align with your own truth, and act from this place? To not allow old wounds to drive your actions, but provide you with fuel for self mastery so you can be better, bigger, faster, and stronger?

The conjunction between Neptune, and Jupiter forms a sextile to Pluto, lord of death and rebirth. This rare transit is one that brings divine guidance. Trust that you are held, heard, and supported through transformation. Pay close attention to intuitive nudges for transcendence, and watch the magick unfold.

Happy Aries new moon!

Honoring this new moon may look like doing…

  1. A fire ritual (safely): Aries is the cardinal fire sign of the zodiac. Set intentions for this new moon using the element of fire. This could look like writing your intentions on a piece of paper, and burning it in the flame of a candle. Or perhaps you’d like to try some scrying, and ask for guidance around receiving a future vision for what you’re calling in. The energy in Aquarius is favorable for this.

  2. Body movement: Aries is connected to athleticism, and body movement. Consider doing meditative exercises like yoga, dance, tai chi, or chi gong. Moving the energy stored within the body can prepare yourself for setting intentions.

  3. Inner-healing: Allow yourself to reflect on any old wounds, or patterns that have been driving your actions. Get clear on what this is communicating to you about what you are deeply needing. Perhaps it’s a hug, or to be told that everything will be alright. Take time to learn from your wounds about what needs to be healed, and how to do things differently.


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