The New Moon in Aquarius

Feb 01, 2022

As above, so below. Imbolc falls on the same day as the Aquarius new moon on February 1st, 2022, and we are honoring a new beginning. Winter brought a great stillness that came with death, and slumber. Within this space, we cultivated resilience. However, Imbolc marks the season of hope, as the first signs of Spring are in sight. The new moon represents a fresh start, and the cosmic energies at play point to change. Within the sign of Aquarius, we’re awakening to future visions, authentic expressions, and that which sets our souls on fire.

Imbolc marks the halfway point between the winter solstice, and the spring equinox. It is during this time that we begin to witness rebirth, and the awakening of nature. The Aquarius new moon forms a square to it’s ruler, Uranus – also known as ‘the awakener’. As life begins to stir beneath the ground, we too must tap into what is yearning to surface, and awaken. Let this be the guiding force to setting intentions.

Aquarius is connected to future visions, progressive movements, and radical individualism. It is the rebel archetype that dances to the beat of its own drum, pushing society forward with a mind ahead of its time. It is the revolutionary. However, Saturn forms a conjunction to the new moon, unearthing what we have been suppressing for some time. This is a call to reflect on your authentic expression, and notice where it has been cast aside. It’s a time to reclaim what makes you uniquely you, even if it means rebelling against the status quo.

Uranus is the planet of liberation, but forms a square to Saturn, pointing to where we are confining, delaying, and limiting ourselves for the sake of tradition, and old paradigms. In what way is your authentic expression remaining beneath the surface, and waiting to be freed, like the plants that wait to burst from underneath the ground? What structures need to break so your authentic expression can flow through uninhibited? What is YOUR light at the end of the wintery tunnel? Uranus awakens us to where we have been imprisoning or lying to ourselves. It sits within the sign of Taurus, pointing to change around money mindsets, beauty, love, self-worth, materialism, nature, and more.

While Aquarius is great for creating visions, Saturn reminds us that it takes more than ideas to make the dream happen. We must ground our intentions with time, work, and proper resources. With Taurus and Saturn at play, the changes we make now have the potential to last, as long as we commit to slow, and steady change. it’ll take investment to make the dream a reality. This is where practicality meets the vision, and we must trust the wisdom of time, as we do with the unfolding of nature. With Mercury retrograde forming a conjunction to Pluto, this is an opportunity to reflect on your mindsets, and how they’re hindering you from achieving your goals. Allow old perceptions to die, and birth new ones into creation. Taurus reminds us to embody what we wish to manifest, grounding the vision into the physical dimension. So, if you want to change your mindsets with finances, how would you act, think, and feel if you had a healthy relationship to money? What choices would you make? Marry your vision to tangible reality.

Lastly, Venus forms a conjunction to Mars in Capricorn, trining Uranus. This is a highly creative placement, which perfectly aligns with the energy of Imbolc. This Sabbat is connected to sacred fire, fertility, and rebirth. It is the essence of creation, and that which brings life. This is an invitation to allow your passions to guide you as you set goals for the future. Notice what brings life, and fire to your soul. This will awaken you to deeper truths surrounding your authentic expression, what needs to surface, and what is worth birthing into creation.

Happy Aquarius new moon!

Honoring this new moon may look like…

  1. Creating a vision board: Get some of your favorite magazines, and cut out pictures that represent your future visions. Paste them on a piece of cardboard, and place it where you can see it everyday.

  2. Practicing embodiment: Behave as if you’ve already achieved your vision. Feel this in every cell of your being, and move the body as if it has already manifested.

  3. Make a list of your passions: If you’re having trouble creating a vision from authentic expression, connect to your passions. Make a list of things that bring life, and joy to your soul. Set your intentions from this place.

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