Jun 09, 2021

A powerful solar eclipse accompanies the new moon in Gemini on June 10th, 2021. New moons are typically opportunities to start fresh and set intentions. However, this solar eclipse has its own agenda, inviting us to re-evaluate our external realities. This celestial event is an invitation to reflect on our goals, direction, and what we wish to accomplish. Within the sign of Gemini, there is potential for re-shaping our minds, internal dialogue, and future visions.

Typically, Gemini is very busy. It’s ruled by Mercury, the fastest moving planet in our solar system, and the messenger of the gods in Greek mythology. It quickly moves from one source to another, collecting and delivering information. However, Mercury is currently retrograde and makes a conjunction to the new moon. With Saturn retrograde in the mix, we are being asked to slow down, reflect, and make sure we have all of the information before moving forward. Get clear on what you’d like to commit to, and what merits your hard work and perseverance.

This isn’t the time to deliver information, but rather to listen, and receive it. Saturn retrograde in Aquarius focuses on materializing the vision, and what we wish to build long-term. This placement reminds us to do it the right way – there’s no rush, and its okay if it takes time. Gemini frequently changes its mind, and doesn’t stick to one single thing. However, this is an invitation to bring solidarity to chaos in regards to our goals and life direction.

Saturn asks us to build mental discipline and focus. With the new moon trining Neptune in Pisces, it is necessary that we first look at where we are deceiving ourselves. We often don’t stick with commitments when we make excuses and/or create lies. Gemini is all about communication, and our internal dialogue determines whether or not we succeed. If you consistently lie to yourself by saying you aren’t capable of reaching your goals, you won’t.  This is a time to reflect on whether your thoughts support your success or failure. If they support your failure, why? Are there fears that lie underneath these thought patterns? It’s important to adopt healthier mindsets, and ditch the deceit.

It is also worth reflecting on whether your current path supports future visions that align with your authentic truth. With Uranus making a Square to Saturn retrograde, there is a breaking free of the mold. This is an invitation to do things differently, and to carve your own path. Instead of thinking about what everyone else is doing, contemplate on what you want to manifest. Your life path is uniquely yours, and it is important that you stay true to yourself.

The new moon in Gemini is an opportunity to ask the right questions so you can re-evaluate your life direction and external reality. Neptune informs Gemini that it’s okay to not have the answers just yet. Slow down, trust the process, and allow things to unfold within divine timing. Only worry about what’s in your control, such as monitoring your internal dialogue, and allowing yourself to reflect so you can receive the necessary information to move forward.

Happy New Moon Eclipse in Gemini, my loves!

Honoring the Gemini new moon eclipse may look like…

  1. Slowing down with walking meditation: One thing that can be extremely useful during this time is slowing down via walking meditation. When you notice yourself rushing, bring your awareness to the present moment. Gemini likes movement, so allow yourself to move very slowly. Tune into the way your feet feel on the ground, notice the sounds and smells around you, breathe deeply.

  2. Journaling: Gemini season is a great time to journal. Write down what your future goals are, and if they feel in alignment with your authentic truth.

  3. Observe your internal dialogue: While sitting in meditation, notice the nature of your thoughts in response to future visions and what you wish to accomplish. Observe whether they feel supportive, and if they don’t, why? Work to replace these thoughts with ones that feel encouraging and helpful.

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