The Libra New Moon

Sep 22, 2022

On September 25th, the new moon in Libra brings our relationships to focus and highlights where we need greater balance in our lives. This is further emphasized by the arrival of Mabon and the autumn equinox. With six planets in retrograde, it’s time to slow down and introspect. This is about listening carefully for signs of disharmony within so we can start a fresh new chapter from the right foundations. Internal imbalance manifests in the external world, particularly in our relationships, which serve as mirrors for our own discord. The planets in Virgo offer wisdom around cleansing, clearing, and detoxing so we may return to a higher order. 

Mercury retrograde and Venus in Virgo form conjunctions to the new moon. Virgo is connected to organization, purification, and cleanliness. Its function maintains order by ensuring that each small moving part in a larger organism works optimally. This is typically fast-paced, busy energy. However, Mercury retrograde calls us to slow down and retrace our steps. With the influence of Venus and the Libra new moon, this particularly pertains to relationships, love, peace, beauty, harmony, balance, worth, finances, and creativity. We’re being asked to hit the pause button and revisit issues surrounding these topics from the past that haven’t been dealt with but lead to bigger malfunctions in the entire system.

While Virgo often focuses on controlling external circumstances, sometimes we must tend to what’s out of control within to restore peace in our lives. It may even be wise to move away from control entirely and get curious about what it would like to bring balance into our lives. This is an opportunity to look at our external worlds as mirrors for internal discord. When we experience disharmony within, this can manifest outwardly as chaos in relationships, poor diets, packed schedules, anxiety, depression, overwhelm, stagnation, and the like. This new moon marks a fresh start (particularly relationally) and asks us to stop pointing the finger outwardly and go inward for clarity. This is about cleansing, clearing, and detoxing ourselves from outdated ways of functioning that are disturbing our peace and setting new intentions for the future. It’ll require us to see the small details or things we nitpick as symptoms of a much larger issue that needs addressing. Mercury retrograde highlights our communication patterns thought processes, and ideas. We can look to these things for clues and deeper insight. 

The new moon in Libra, Mercury, and Venus form a trine to Pluto retrograde, pointing to deep fears or shadows that lie within the underworld of the psyche and lead to the crumbling of an entire system. Conversely, this can also point to the opportunity for rebirth or rebuilding, particularly in the realms of relationships, worth, balance, love, and money. Within the sign of Capricorn, this points to a reassessment of goals around these topics and creating new foundations for evolution. With Uranus and the north node at play, we must trust that sudden shifts or changes are all part of a greater plan that is redirecting us to higher order. 

Jupiter retrograde in Aries forms an opposition to the new moon, making it a great time to reflect and find balance between self and other. This may look like introspecting about your own individual truth while also holding space for other people’s perspectives. Whatever it may be, this is a call to grow and develop relationally. How are you being called towards balance in your life? Where do you need to grow relationally?

Happy new moon!

Honoring this new moon in Libra may look like….

  1. Journaling: Here are some journaling prompts to consider. Are there any signs that there’s an imbalance in my life, and if so, what are they? In what ways are they pointing to imbalances within? What is needed in order to restore balance?

  2. Inward reflection: Now isn’t necessarily the time to take action, but to sit in meditation and introspection. Reflect upon anything surfacing from the past and how it’s calling you for healing, change, and growth. 

  3. Restoring inner peace: Libra is all about harmony, peace, and love. Reflect upon activities that typically put you in a state of peace and make it a point to practice this leading up to the new moon. This could look like taking baths, reading books, or exercising. Whatever it may be, now is the time for setting intentions around restoring inner harmony. On the other hand, reflect upon what is disturbing your peace and cleanse yourself of these things. 

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