The Full Moon in Scorpio

Apr 26, 2021

The Scorpio full moon on April 26th-27th brings illumination to the shadows and electrifying change. Another lunar cycle is coming to completion, and endings always bring opportunities for transformation. Death is the vehicle through which rebirth takes place, and it is time to reconcile our relationship with the darkness so we can embrace the light. Unveiling what is hidden beneath the surface will allow us to open our eyes and awaken, leading to groundbreaking shifts.

Death and rebirth is a central theme to Scorpio’s archetype. It is the caterpillar that enters the darkness of the cocoon, disintegrates into a soup of DNA, and transforms into a beautiful butterfly. It breaks free from the chrysalis, a container that once served the butterfly’s evolution, but is outgrown and no longer needed. The full moon in Scorpio invites us to dig beneath the surface and enter the darkness, because this is where our truth lies. We must be honest with ourselves, and identify the containers that no longer serve our growth.

Taurus represents where we feel stable and grounded. While this provides us with practicality and predictability, the bull can dig its hooves so deep into the ground that it becomes stagnant. The shadow side of Taurus can be stubborn, and it will choose to remain stuck out of fear of change. However, Uranus is the planet of liberation, and it forms a conjunction to the sun in Taurus on the full moon. This planet’s agenda is to send shocks of electrical currents through the ego, shattering illusions that prevent us from breaking free of the cocoon. It is time to reflect on this past cycle, awaken to our truth, and change our reality for the better.

The full moon itself does not generate light, but rather reflects the light of the sun. This symbolizes the illumination of hidden truth, revealing what lies within the darkness. On the full moon, shine a light on the hidden realms of your life. Sit in a quiet space, and reflect on your life thus far. What feels comfortable, but stagnant? In truth, how do you wish to transform? What are the practical changes you need to implement in order to move forward? What do you fear about change, and how is this keeping you stuck? Remember to be gentle and compassionate with yourself while pondering these questions.

While Mars in Cancer encourages us to move forward and create momentum, we are reminded to approach change with care, nurturing, and emotional support. The transformation that occurs within the cocoon can be delicate, as it involves the crumbling of illusion and the revelation of authentic truth. Uranus shocks us into questioning our reality, while Mercury invites us to become aware of the thought patterning that keeps us imprisoned. Be open to the information that is revealed, reflect on how this is shaping your reality, and don’t forget to show up with love and self-compassion in the process.

Happy Scorpio full moon, butterflies!

Celebrating this full moon might look like….

  1. Doing shadow work: Scorpio invites us to reveal what lurks behind the shadows. On the full moon, consider diving deep into your subconscious to unlock the patterns that keep you stuck. Sit in meditation, and notice the thoughts that come up in response to change. Do they reflect love, or fear? Try to stay present with any discomfort that arises, and take care to be compassionate with yourself.

  2. Practicing candle magick: Candles are symbolic of light within the darkness. Obtain a piece of paper and a pen. Light your candle, and set an intention to illuminate what is beneath the surface. Create a list of things you’ve been wanting to change for a while, but haven’t. Reflect on how you’d like to transform your life.

  3. Taking a ritual bath: Scorpio is a water sign, so it’s a great time to work with this element. Sit in a hot bathtub filled with roses, and surrounded by candles. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, so this is an invitation to create a beautiful ritual space. Ask spirit to provide you with helpful information, and take notice of what comes up.

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