The Full Moon in Leo

Feb 16, 2022

On February 16th, the full moon in Leo provides us with a divine opportunity to recognize, own, and celebrate our individuality. Tapping into child-like wonder, and exploring our unique talents will allow us to claim our authentic expressions. This requires courage, as each of us possesses the basic human desire to be seen and heard, but don’t always allow ourselves to receive this. The Leo full moon is a beautiful invitation to heal, and release blockages around being truly, and vulnerably seen with an open heart.

As the Sun transits through the constellation of Aquarius, matters around authenticity, individuality, uniqueness, and social movements are highlighted, amongst many other things. Its opposite sign, Leo, is connected to things like creativity, personal expression, child-like play, and performance. The full moon makes an opposition to the sun, inviting us to create a balance between these two archetypes. As the sun in Aquarius illuminates the Leo moon, shadows are exposed.

Leo is the performer, and without the balance of authentic Aquarius, the shadow side of this archetype can be superficial. The full moon provides us with an opportunity to reflect on where we are performing from an inauthentic place. This can come in the form of seeking attention, love, and worthiness by buying expensive things, creating drama, grasping for fame, and more. The planets in Aquarius remind us that we are so much bigger than this. Superficiality is what we desire people to see, based on how we never felt seen to begin with. However, Uranus invites us to break old habits, and do things differently.

What would it feel like to cultivate the courage to be truly seen, and heard? To receive attention, not for who you think people want you to be, but for who you are, and what is? How would you experience the world differently if you were in touch with the parts of you that crave personal, and creative expression? How would it feel to share your unique gifts, and talents with the world, even if It feels a little scary? These are questions worthy of exploring on the full moon.

The Leo archetype is connected to children, and it is within connecting to the inner-child that we find insight into our deepest joys, talents, needs, and creative expressions. This is who we were before societal, familial, and social conditioning. It is our authentic essence, uninhibited by ideals of what is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. It is within this place that our souls are given the opportunity to play, and explore the ways in which we dance with life. In connecting with the inner child, we open our hearts to how we uniquely experience the world, and what feeds our life force. Uranus in Taurus forms aspects to Mars, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, and Jupiter, making it a key player during this full moon. Uranus is the planet of liberation, and Taurus is connected to safety, security, worth, beauty, and more. This is an invitation to find safety and security in your authentic expression. It’s an opportunity to be brave, challenge what feels unsafe, and uncomfortable, and step into the light. Perhaps you have a deep desire to share your poetry,

music, book, art, or ideas. Whatever it may be, your personal expression is worthy of being seen, and it is time to let go of limiting beliefs that have you thinking otherwise. It takes courage to remove blocks to being seen by others, but it is deeply liberating. With Mercury forming a conjunction to Pluto, it’s time to finally release old mindsets that prevent you from grounding your visions into reality, and fully stepping into your pleasure.

Aquarius is represented by a man pouring water from a vase, symbolizing a focus on the collective, and giving spiritual food to the world. However, Leo focuses on the individual. When you allow yourself to experience, celebrate, and share what feeds your own life force, you no longer pour from an empty cup!

Lastly, Leo rules the heart in medical astrology, and this full moon occurs two days after Valentine’s day. Therefore, this is still a great time to pour life-force energy into your heart space, regardless of whether you’re single or in a relationship. With Mars conjunct Venus, It’s a gorgeous opportunity to celebrate love in all of its forms, and do some releasing/healing work around the heart (and inner-child) if need be. Channeling your creativity is a wonderful way to do this.

Happy Leo full moon, my loves!

Celebrating this full moon may look like…

  1. Creating: Allow yourself to tap into your creative side, making a piece of artwork, poetry, or whatever feeds your life-force energy. Then, share it with the world!

  2. Inner-child Work: Sit in a quiet space, and channel your inner-child. Notice what they find joy in, and what gives them pleasure. Allow them to play, and tap into imagination. Based on what they show you, do an activity that satisfies their creative desires.

  3. Heart chakra meditation: Leo rules the heart, so this is a great time to do a heart chakra meditation, and do some healing work.

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