Dec 18, 2021

The Gemini full moon takes place on December 18th-19th, preparing us for the winter solstice. As we approach the shortest day of the year, the sun’s strength dwindles, symbolizing a time to retreat into the darkness. Although busy Gemini resists sitting still at all costs, this is a potent invitation to relax, reflect, and introspect. We can channel this archetype’s restless energy into contemplative pursuits such as journaling, poetry, and meditation. The stillness will be vital for gaining deep wisdom, and clarity.

During the full moon, the sun’s light exposes what is normally hidden. Whatever lies beneath the surface is revealed, especially in the realm of emotion. However, Gemini is an air sign that values fact, logic, and intellect. Sure, emotions may run high, but this is a great time for insightful information to come through, especially with Mercury forming a trine to Uranus.

The sun represents our will, and exerting ourselves into the world. ‘Solstice’ is made up of two Latin words – ‘sol’, and ‘sistere’ which means ‘sun’ and ‘to make stand’, respectively. As the strength of the sun weakens, winter brings a great stillness. The waters and plants are frozen in time, providing us with a sacred pause to tune into the silence, and listen carefully. We often avoid the stillness, because this is where deeper truths emerge. However, the sun sits in Sagittarius, and the full moon forms a trine to its ruler, Jupiter. This is an invitation to create plenty of spaciousness to explore the mind with curiosity. Lean into the what emerges from the silence, as this information will bring you deeper understanding, and answers your biggest questions.

The Gemini full moon creates a square to Neptune, highlighting confusion, misinformation, fantasy, and delusion. When our minds are overactive, it’s difficult for us to see reality for what it is, because our thoughts are moving at lightning speed. We don’t pause to reflect, and determine if the stories we’re entertaining are actually true. We don’t question their validity, get curious about where they’re coming from, and explore the bigger reasons as to why they are coming up. This leads to all sorts of chaos. However, within the stillness of meditation, we have the opportunity to witness our minds without entertaining the stories. This allows us to see things for what they are, bringing us back into touch with reality.

Ask the right questions, and reflect on the larger picture at play. What are the stories playing on repeat in my mind? How are they highlighting bigger themes in my life? What is my truth? How does my soul long to evolve from this place? Neptune and Jupiter’s influence challenge us to see the bird’s eye view, and interconnectedness of everything. It’s an invitation to look at things from a spiritual perspective, as you do some self inquiry. Trust that a greater intelligence is guiding you to the light, as you sit in the stillness of the darkness. The ruler of Gemini, Mercury, transits through Capricorn and forms a trine to Uranus. This points to opportunities for downloading necessary information, so you can choose to do things differently. Reflect on what your end goal is, and alternative approaches to achieving this outcome. You don’t need to act on anything, but allow yourself explore different perspectives and innovative ways of moving forward.

Lastly, creativity can help you express your emotions at this time, and transcend them. Journaling poetry, storytelling, and art can be great mediums to help you process information, and bring your feelings to the surface. The full moon is a cycle of releasing, and letting go. Allow yourself to get still, curious, and clear on what is no longer serving you, so you can move forward when the time comes.

Happy Gemini full moon, my loves!

Honoring this full moon may look like…

  1. Meditating: Allow yourself to sit quietly in meditation. Let life slow down so you can relax into the present moment. Observe the thoughts that come up, and notice any repeating patterns. Record these on a piece of paper for clarity around what is happening within the mind.

  2. Journaling: Reflect and write about the thought patterns that consume your mind. How are they impacting your reality? How are you, or aren’t you seeing things clearly? What are the bigger patterns at play?

  3. Poetry: Express how you feel creatively through poetry. Let your pen channel the emotions on paper. Let yourself express and see what emotions are lying beneath the surface, that call for transcendence and integration.

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