5 Ways to Honor The Full Moon in Capricorn

Dec 16, 2022

July 3rd graces us with a full moon in Capricorn, the mountain goat. This archetype is connected to ascension and accomplishing our goals. However, we’re invited to pause our climbs, take in the scenery, and celebrate our journeys thus far. Saturn reminds us that it isn’t just about reaching the summit, but honoring who we have become in order to endure the path up the mountain. This is also a great time to release anything heavy and unnecessary that makes the hike that much harder. With Pisces and Cancer at play, we can surrender and let go by working with the mother archetype. 

Capricorn highlights our goals, career, purpose, achievements, foundations and more. Its symbol, the mountain goat, has much to teach us about navigating life’s rugged terrain. The strength of character that is cultivated to reach the mountain’s summit, despite the odds, comes from facing one’s self. Capricorn’s path is about meeting its own temptations that derail it from accomplishing what it set out to achieve. It must cultivate the discipline to focus and persevere. This is why the devil card in tarot is associated with this sign, symbolizing our ability to liberate ourselves from seductive distractions that keep us stuck. Saturn retrograde points to the karmic cycles that are meant to bring maturation and growth. This planet reminds us that it isn’t just about the destination, but the people we become with the trials and tribulations of our journey.  

On the full moon, allow yourself to pause the climb and check in with yourself. Take a good look at the scenery around you and what you have created. With Jupiter at play, acknowledge the spiritual expansion, abundance, and blessings that have come from your journey. Saturn Rx brings an element of reflection. Celebrate your accomplishments and the character you’ve already built. Who do you have to become to materialize your dreams? What temptations or karmic cycles have distracted you from achieving your goals? It’s a great time to bring consciousness to these things, forgive yourself, and let go of anything weighing you down.

The full moon forms oppositions to the sun and Mercury in Cancer. Mercury brings our awareness to deeper messages that can be found by tuning into our intuitions, hearts, and emotions. There is information here about how to proceed on our paths. It’s also a great time to release any family / generational / ancestral karma, such as mindsets and ideas that hold us back from achieving our goals. Cancer is connected to the mother archetype and invites us to lean on this energy for healing. It is often the unconditional love of the mother that provides the safety needed to fully open to our path and receive its blessings. This archetype reminds us that we are worthy of all that we desire and are loveable no matter what happens on the journey to achieving our goals.

Happy Full Moon!

Here are 5 ways to honor the Capricorn full moon:

  1. Reflect upon your goals: Which goals are worth the climb? How are you being called to ascend - spiritually, emotionally, or professionally? What does purpose mean to you? These are great questions to explore on the night of the full moon.

  2. Release temptation: Saturn Rx asks us to address karmic cycles and seductive temptations that distract us from getting what we truly want. Now is also a great time to reflect on the discipline and boundaries needed to support us.

  3. Celebrate yourself: Celebrate the character traits like strength, perseverance, and resilience that you’ve developed thus far. Then, journal about who you have to become in order to achieve your goals. 

  4. Work with the mother archetype: Cancer invites us to lean on the mother archetype. Her compassion and forgiveness will help us release dead weight, and her unconditional love will give us the courage to move forward. You can work with mother goddesses or practice active imagination.

  5. Make a gratitude list: With Jupiter at play, recognize the blessings, expansion, and abundance that has come from the path to achieving your goals. Acknowledge and celebrate your accomplishments! You can make a gratitude list for what has come to fruition.


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