The Full Moon in Capricorn

Jul 07, 2022

The full moon in Capricorn on July 13th brings radical liberation, and alignment with a life of deeper meaning. Change is in the air, and it’ll present us with invitations to break free from the prison cells of our own making that restrict and limit us from reaching our highest potentials. This is a call to evaluate the building blocks we have in place to reach our goals, and get honest about which ones are shaky. Pluto reminds us that if we continue to build upon foundations of fear, shadow, and outdated patterning, whatever we create will come crashing down. This full moon is about shedding old skin, and stepping into new versions of ourselves that enable us to achieve our goals.

The full moon forms a conjunction to Pluto, lord of death and rebirth. However, Pluto is stationed retrograde, bringing introspection, and contemplation. Within the sign of Capricorn, this can pertain to areas such as our goals, governments, achievements, careers, structures, foundations, traditions, businesses, fathers, and patriarchal systems. Pluto retrograde conjunct the moon calls us to confront our darkness. It asks us to reckon with unhealthy emotional cycles born and perpetuated by fear. This can come in the form of power struggles, habits of control, unhealthy obsessions, lustful temptations, and more. 

In tarot, Capricorn rules The Devil card, often featuring a horned goat standing in between a man and woman. They wear shackles around their necks, symbolizing imprisonment by our own temptations, patterns, and darkness. This is especially relevant to the chart of this full moon, as it highlights areas of self-sabotage and self-destruction, limiting our ability to reach our highest potentials. The North Node’s involvement reminds us that achievement doesn’t necessarily equate to deeper purpose, fulfillment, or meaning. For example, an underlying belief that worth is tied to performance can lead to a pattern of overachieving, but one will never truly feel satisfied when operating from this shadowy place.They fall subject to their own patterning, sacrificing true freedom and fulfillment. 

Fortunately, Uranus forms a conjunction to the north node, a trine to Pluto Rx, and another trine to the full moon. This symbolizes radical liberation, fated change, and doing things differently. The evolution that comes from the devil card is awakening to higher truth, another attribute of Uranus. It’s the realization that we’ve been holding the keys to our own prison cells all along. In order to be reborn onto a path of deeper alignment, we have to be willing to meet our darkness face to face, and release it. Within the sign of Capricorn, this could be an invitation to manage emotions differently, and create systems, structures, or plans to support change in your life.

Neptune in Pisces forms a sextile to the full moon, and Pluto Rx. This placement encourages deep healing, empathy, and transcendence. It requires surrender to that which you cannot control, and reverence for the larger forces at play. This is an opportunity to call upon spirit for guidance, and trust that whatever is unfolding is for your highest good, even if you don’t understand it right now. 

Lastly, the ruler of Capricorn (Saturn) sits within the sign of Aquarius. This indicates that the themes at play will be experienced on a collective level. Aquarius is the sign of revolution, societal change, and futuristic thought. It challenges traditional ways of doing things to make way for new paradigms. The Aquarian archetype rebels against old systems, structures, and authorities that no longer serve the highest good of the collective. Sun conjunct Mercury in Cancer reminds us that no matter how things unfold, it is important to bring compassion to our inner and outer conversations, as well as care and emotional availability.

Happy Capricorn Full Moon!

Honoring this full moon may look like…

  1. Doing shadow work: With Pluto at play, this is a great time to meet your shadows. With Mercury in the mix, it could be helpful to engage in conversation with your ‘dark side’. This could look like journaling, or quite literally visualizing the dark side of you and having a conversation with it to gain answers, understanding, and healing. 

  2. Re-evaluating your goals: This is also a great time to check in with yourself around your goals, and if you’re feeling the desired level of fulfillment. If not, what needs to change? What would make you feel more fulfilled?

  3. Building awareness around emotional patterns: Notice any emotional patterns that are holding you back from reaching your highest potential. Perform a releasing ceremony to let these old habits go, so you can be reborn into a new version of yourself.


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