The Full Moon in Capricorn

Jul 04, 2021

The Capricorn full moon on June 24th, 2021 invites us to ground our ambitions with practical planning, setting realistic goals, and taking responsibility. Jupiter’s influence on this full moon allows us to connect with our inner wisdom, using it as a tool for achieving abundance. We are being challenged to let go of whatever is holding us back from success, including ancestral patterning and outdated family values.

The full moon symbolizes a surfacing of secrets, or things that have remained hidden. Capricorn is all about the legacy we leave behind, and it makes a harmonious connection to Pisces, an archetype associated with letting go. This is an invitation to reflect on what we wish to accomplish. When we’re ready to move on from this world and enter the next, what do you wish to leave behind? Capricorn asks us to take responsibility for reaching our goals, so we may work towards a life we choose, instead of a life we settle for. This is a great time to connect with secret ambitions that lie underneath the surface.

This lunar cycle is a time for celebration, letting go, and completion. Acknowledge how far you have come, and applaud yourself for it. It takes hard work and perseverance to climb the ladder! However, it is equally important to reflect on what is hindering your success, and what you must let go of. The moon is linked to the unconscious parts of ourselves. With the sun shining its light upon it, we must illuminate underlying patterns that hold us back from accomplishing our goals. Since the sun sits in the sign of Cancer, our family and ancestral lineage come into play. This is a great time to break and heal a long cycle of familial wounding.

Do you carry family values, beliefs, and behaviors that misalign with what you wish to achieve? Do these patterns truly resonate with your inner truth, and what you’re here to do? With the full moon making a sextile to Jupiter retrograde in Pisces, this is an invitation to connect to the wisdom within, and allow it to guide us to an abundant life. This looks different for everyone, and the full moon is an opportunity to get clear on what an abundant life means to you. Then, release and transcend the patterns that prevent you from living in this reality.

Jupiter retrograde in Pisces reminds us that sometimes, abundance and wealth isn’t just physical, but also spiritual. Allow yourself to lean into gratitude for all that you have, while staying optimistic about the future and creating bigger visions for yourself. Use the grounding energy of Capricorn to take responsibility for how you are perceiving your reality, and practically plan ahead for the future. Setting small and realistic goals as you work towards a larger accomplishment will be key to materializing the dream.

Right before the full moon, Mercury stations direct and forms a conjunction to the north node. This is a great time to apply the lessons and information received during Mercury retrograde. Trust that the knowledge and wisdom you have gained is enough to create a foundation for success. Your inner guru knows the way, and with additional guidance from Mars in Leo, it’s time to step into your sovereignty. Create a legacy, and commit to a passionate life of abundance.

Honoring the Capricorn full moon could look like…

  1. Doing ancestral healing: Allow yourself to sit in meditation, and reflect on the belief systems you have carried since you were a child. Question if they are yours or your family’s, and if they resonate with what you wish to accomplish. Notice if they come from fear or love, and release whatever is holding you back from success.

  2. Make a list of secret ambitions: Have you ever wanted to accomplish something, but haven’t told anyone about it? Write down your goal, and the next steps you need to take in order to achieve it.

  3. Align with abundance: Sit in meditation, and feel into the energy of abundance. Notice any beliefs or thoughts that don’t align with this energy, and release them. Call in the energy of abundance using herbs like mint, basil, or bay leaves. You can also use green candles.

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