The Full Moon in Aquarius

Aug 09, 2022

The Aquarius full moon on August 11th, 2022 provides us with an opportunity to release emotional patterns that ultimately delay, and limit our ability to ground our visions into reality. This is a call to bring karmic cycles to a close and develop the emotional maturity needed to achieve our goals. It’ll require doing some inner work and looking at the parts of ourselves that we’ve been avoiding. Herein lies the key to our own liberation, and freedom. This is also an invitation to realign with the authentic self, and release the need to conform to traditions, rules, or societal outlooks that don’t actually resonate with you. We must step into our truth, for that is our purpose. This not only impacts us on an individual level, but sends ripples into the collective.

Saturn retrograde forms a conjunction to the full moon in Aquarius, bringing an air of introspection. This placement asks us to reflect upon emotional patterns that arise in relation to our goals, aspirations, authentic selves, parents, future vision, and more. Saturn is the planet of karma, and points to the inner and outer work we must move through in order to mature on all levels of mind, body, and spirit. This full moon is about illuminating that which hasn’t been dealt with inwardly, and continues to limit our potential. We’re being asked to take accountability and responsibility for the ways we interact with our emotional patterns. With Saturn and the moon involved, this may require us to heal past patterns connected to our parents.

 Aquarius challenges molds and structures that are no longer serving, and progresses forward. It breaks free by recognizing the shortcomings of traditional ways, and chooses to show up differently, even if it’s a bit scary. We can apply this inwardly by observing what we’ve traditionally done in the past, and the results that we seem to get over and over again. From there, we can revolutionize our approach. Saturn highlights the discipline, character building, and commitment it takes to actualize our potential.

Aquarius is the sacred rebel of the zodiac - the rule breaker. Its function is to deviate from the norm for the sake of advancing the collective. Thus, it has earned a reputation for being different, unique, and even a bit odd or eccentric. In order to progress society forward, it must risk going against the grain and popular opinion. Therefore, this full moon and its conjunction to Saturn retrograde is an invitation to reflect upon where you may be holding yourself back from dancing to the beat of your own drum. It’s an opportunity to release the need to prioritize the opinions of others over your own authentic truth. As the sun in Leo forms an opposition to the full moon, this is a reminder that it’s important to own what makes you special. We don’t change the world by following the herd, but by being bold and brave enough to stand out. Your talents, gifts, and personality traits are what make you unique, and point to where you best serve the collective. This is also a great time to think about social causes and movements that you deeply care about, and get involved in activism.

This full moon is all about liberating ourselves from attachments to old paradigms that are no longer serving us, both on an individual and collective level. It’s about releasing the limitations that compromise our freedom. On the night of the full moon, ask yourself the following questions: ‘What does freedom mean to me?, ‘What do I need to release in order to feel free?’, ‘What karmic patterns repeat themselves over and over again?’, and lastly, ‘What kind of inner-work must be done?’. Uranus conjunct the North Node forms a square to the full moon, opening us to new information, and awakening to higher levels of truth. It reminds us that doing the inner work will ultimately set us free, and propel us towards deeper purpose and fulfillment.

Honoring the Aquarius full moon may look like…

  1. Healing karmic patterns: This full moon is about doing the inner work needed to break repeating patterns. It’s about setting ourselves free by having the discipline, and character to do things differently. On the full moon, reflect on repeating karmic patterns, and how you need to show up differently in order to break perpetual emotional cycles.

  2. Stepping into authenticity: Reflect on any blockages to showing up as your authentic self. Do a releasing ceremony to let go of any needs to conform to society, or other people’s opinions. Get clear on what you DO care about, and what matters to you. Make an effort to dance to the beat of your own drum by learning about what your own unique dance even looks like. 

  3. Get involved in a social cause: Aquarius is about pushing the collective forward, and bringing people together for a higher cause. Consider getting a group of friends together to honor a common cause or movement that you care about. 

  4. Reparenting: When Saturn and the moon are involved, this is often a call to look at your relationship to your parents, and any emotional cycles that need healing. Consider doing inner work to heal from patterns that stem from your upbringing, and work on reparenting the inner-child in order to free yourself from old cycles. 

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