The Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio

May 15, 2022

Eclipse season continues with a full moon in Scorpio on May 15th, 2022. For centuries, lunar eclipses have been regarded as omens of fated change. They mark turbulent times, and while emotions may run high, the shifts taking place are ultimately in service to our highest good. With Scorpio at play, hidden truths may arise from the shadows, providing us with opportunities for death of old mindsets, emotional cycles, and attachments so we can make space for rebirth.

The moon symbolizes our inward nature, such as our emotions, instincts, intuition, subconscious, and more. As the earth eclipses the moon’s light, we are confronted with our darkness. Scorpio rules the shadowy realms – the hidden spaces of our psyche, and emotional worlds that impact us on a daily basis, whether we’re aware of it or not. While it may be easy, and appealing to keep these parts of us locked within the underworld, this may not benefit us in the long run. Every human has an inherent need to feel seen, and heard. However, Scorpio reminds us that if we keep these parts of us in the shadows, we prevent them from ever receiving light, healing, and love. Our shadows will never be seen, and thus, never transformed into something different. Saturn in Aquarius forms a square to the Scorpio full moon, pointing to what lies beneath the surface as the key to our authenticity, and freedom. Scorpio is connected to death, and rebirth. With the lunar eclipse at play, we may see invitations to release, and evolve in areas such as personal power, loyalty, intimacy (sexual and non-sexual), trust, possisiveness, obsession, passion, determination, revenge, secrets, and extremes. The full moon forms an opposition to Mercury retrograde in Gemini, shedding light on the opportunities at play. Mercury retrograde encourages us to slow down, retrace our steps, and go inward for introspection. This is a great time to reflect upon our thoughts, and how we communicate them. It’s also important that we observe how we show up when things ‘go wrong’, and take note of what we notice about ourselves. If we respond to mistakes or mishaps with intense reactions, why? What fears, beliefs, and struggles are underneath this?

If the Scorpio full moon eclipse had a single message, it would be to read between the lines. While Gemini keeps things surface level, Scorpio goes deep into the shadows. When a miscommunication occurs, what were the dynamics at play? Sometimes, miscommunication is simple, innocent, and even laughable. Other times, we are speaking from our darkness, and a closed heart. When shadow is at the wheel as we exchange precious information with another, the results can be hurtful. During this full moon eclipse, it’s important to question what is underneath our thoughts, and the messages we’re giving to others. Whether it’s fear of loss, trust, disloyalty, etc., it’s time to bring these shadows to light for healing, releasing, and transformation. This is vital to bringing toxic emotional cycles to a final close, and evolving beyond them. 

With Uranus forming a conjunction to the sun and north node, we can expect the unexpected. This placement points to fated change, and within the sign of Taurus, this can involve money, resources, worth, beauty, pleasure, and more. Situations may arise in the physical realms of life, but will elicit emotional responses that point to something deeper, and call us into transformation. 

Lastly, the ruler of Scorpio, Pluto, is stationed retrograde and sitting within the sign of Capricorn. It forms connections to the full moon, mercury retrograde, and the sun. This is a call to reflect upon our personal power, the ways we are utilizing it, and managing it. Capricorn reminds us that we each have a responsibility to be mindful of where we are giving our power away, and taking it from others (or attempting to). In truth, personal power comes from within. This is an especially potent time to tune into it, reflect on your relationship to it, and how to best harness it for your highest good.  


Happy Scorpio full moon eclipse, loves!

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