The Divine Masculine and Feminine

Jun 16, 2022

As we continue to move through Gemini season, we are provided with opportunities to recognize, honor, and work with duality - the parts of us that are seemingly opposite, but provide us with equal value. This is a great time to learn about divine feminine and masculine energies, or yin and yang, or solar and lunar. They may be different, but they work together to create harmony.

Here’s what the sun and moon represent, pertaining to masculine and feminine dynamics (this is just symbolism. I recognize that gender is a spectrum) :

Sun - The masculine is linear. He directs, protects, and pursues. He is goal oriented, and takes action on what he aims to achieve. He is a provider, and is consistent with his efforts. He is courageous, and forward moving. The masculine provides a safe container, and offers structure. He embodies leadership through willpower, and motive. He represents the ‘doer’, and giving parts of us. 

Moon - The feminine flows, and experiences waves. She feels, senses, and intuits. She rides the ups and downs of emotion, wherever they may take her. The feminine is all around. She is the intangible, the mysterious and unseen realms. The feminine isn’t concerned with doing, but rather being and receiving. She’s nurturing, compassionate, and caring.

We all possess lunar and solar energy (feminine, and masculine) within us. Even if you identify as male, you have the sacred yin energy within you, and vice versa. However, our society encourages imbalance, and we’re often overdoing or overbeing. Self mastery is acquired when we cultivate healthy masculine and feminine energy within ourselves.

We can apply this to our shadow work practice. 

We often distract ourselves from feeling, and meeting our truth for a number of reasons. We don’t like the temporary discomfort that it brings, or fear the reality that comes with meeting our authenticity. If there’s judgment, shame, or criticism around what we truly feel, escapism can look pretty appealing. Distraction can come in the form of binge watching Netflix, drinking, shopping, cleaning, or checking off a never ending to do list.

This is actually good news, because within this behavior is precious information. 

If you’re having difficulty sitting with emotion, it could be that you don’t feel safe to be present with them. Safety is ESSENTIAL to riding the feminine ups and downs, and it can be cultivated through a healthy relationship between the masculine and feminine energies within us.

Just as solar and lunar energies are different, they work together to create harmony. The masculine provides a safe container for the feminine to flow - to FEEL. He doesn’t need her to be anything other than she is, and isn’t intimidated by her ups and downs. He protects the space she needs to intuit, listen, and receive information. When the feminine feels safe enough with the acceptance, presence, and protection provided, harmony is created. THIS is what allows you to build a working relationship within yourself that creates a safe container for you to feel. 

Listen to the meditation below to put this into practice

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