The Cancer New Moon

Jun 20, 2022

June 28th marks the beginning of a fresh chapter with a new moon in Cancer. This celestial event sheds light on the power of the divine feminine, specifically, the mother archetype. We can move forward and establish direction by creating consciousness around our emotions, needs, and intuition. This is a reminder that change can be gentle, and sometimes, the path ahead becomes clear when we take the time to care for ourselves.

 Cancer, ruled by the moon itself, represents the mother archetype and the divine feminine. This sign is nurturing, caring, intuitive, and empathetic. Its connection to the ocean is symbolic of its depth, and capacity to ride the waves of emotion. Cancer experiences the full spectrum of ups and downs, which makes it highly empathetic and capable of meeting others wherever they are. It is the caregiver, and thus, it’s associated with the family and home. However, the shadow side of Cancer spends all of its energy on others, while forgetting to show the same level of care to itself. This can serve as a distraction from fully feeling the big emotions that Cancer experiences. The new moon will challenge this with a square to Jupiter in Aries, a sign that highlights the importance of focusing on self. Caring for others can become unhealthy when it looks like losing oneself.

 Our society often associates the attributes of Aries with leadership. It is action-based, courageous, motivated, and directional - all characteristics of the divine masculine. However, as the cardinal water sign of the zodiac, Cancer reminds us that leadership comes in many forms. Sometimes, it looks like softening into the heart, and having the bravery to be raw and vulnerable. The mother shows courage through her ability to love, feel, and care as deeply as she does. The divine feminine portrays bravery when she makes space for ‘being’ in a society that is addicted to ‘doing’. This too is a form of leadership, because in truth, it is often when we stop doing and start listening that we receive the answers we’re looking for. We choose the best direction forward when we have the discipline to get quiet, and tune into our intuition as well as the forces around us. 

 The divine feminine sits quietly with her palms facing up, ready and open to receiving information from her intuition, feelings, and spirit. This takes bravery. Receiving answers can be vulnerable, because deeper truths may arise that could ‘rock the boat’ and create change. This is especially relevant as Uranus forms a conjunction to the north node. It also requires humility to admit that sometimes, you don’t have the answers, and need to do a bit of inner work.

 Conversely, the shadow side of Jupiter in Aries can bring about righteousness, egoism, and believing that it has all the answers. Headstrong and impulsive, It can leap forward for the thrill of adventure without fully thinking things through, only to pay the price later. As we begin a fresh chapter with this new moon, we’re invited to pay closer attention to our inner landscape, and use the wisdom of emotion as a tool for guidance. Jupiter expands anything it touches, and as it forms a square to the new moon, this points to heightened emotions. It’s unwise to act while experiencing big ups and downs, especially if anger is involved. Instead, prioritize self-care, healing, and going inward. 

Allow yourself to use your emotions as an inner compass to establish a direction forward, and set intentions for the new moon. Channel the mother archetype by nurturing, holding, and listening to yourself with unconditional love. Remember that you deserve care just as much as anyone else, and you feel what you feel for a reason. Tuning into your emotions will shed light on inner truths, bringing you closer to the answers you seek, and a new path.  

Happy Cancer new moon!

This new moon can look like…

  1. Taking a ritual bath: Cancer is a water sign, so this is a great time to work with this element. Carve out time to take a ritual bath. You can use herbs, oils, bath bombs, and whatever else speaks to you. Sit within the stillness, and connect with your emotions, intuition, and spirit.

  2. Getting comfy and cozy: Cancer’s happy place is within the home. Curl up with a warm blanket, some hot tea, and a journal to set intentions for the new moon. This is also a great time to be around family, or reflect on family/ancestral matters.

  3. Mother archetype/Divine feminine meditation: Sit in meditation, and connect with the mother archetype or divine feminine energy. You can visualize a mother or female guide to provide you with care, healing, and nurturing energy. 

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