The Cancer Full Moon

Jan 17, 2022

Imbolc, a Celtic Sabbath that honors the first sightings of spring, is right around the corner. However, winter teaches us that things must fully die, and come to a close, before rebirth. Like nature, we too must release what is no longer serving us before a new chapter begins. The Cancer full moon on January 17th provides us with an opportunity to come home to ourselves. Checking in with our intuition, turning to our emotional compasses, and releasing whatever needs to die will ultimately support the rebirth that is to come.

The sun in Capricorn forms a conjunction to Pluto, lord of death and rebirth. Goal-oriented Capricorn is represented by the mountain goat that climbs to the top of the summit with precision, commitment, and resilience. However, in order to endure the most arduous paths up the mountain, we must release dead weight that is holding us back, and making our journeys unnecessarily difficult. This a great time to check in with what you’re carrying in your backpack, and get honest about whether the contents are truly serving the end goal.

Pluto conjunct the sun can highlight what we’re clinging to out of ego, control, and power. This is an opportunity to be mindful about anything or anyone we are using for our own hidden agendas, but don’t actually resonate with on a soul level. Emotional attachment, and sentimental value don’t necessarily point to what’s meant to last. We have to be honest about our underlying motives for hanging onto dead weight. Cancer is represented by the crab that wears a protective shell on its back. What are you clinging to as an external protective shell against life, and instead, how can you create the safety you need internally to step into what you truly want? How does this external protective shell mirror what you feel most vulnerable to?

Neptune forms a trine to the Cancer full moon, reminding us of the larger forces at play. We’re encouraged to trust our intuitions, as our body’s are tapped into higher levels of consciousness, and can sense when we’re out of alignment. It’ll feel like swimming against the stream, and resisting the natural flow of life. This is a reminder that we will be supported if we courageously release what isn’t resonating. If an ending is organically happening, let it. Loosen any fearful grips, and surrender control. There are many things we have power over, but the natural flow of life is not one of them. We can only claim responsibility for our internal worlds, and our reactions to the ups and downs that life offers us.

We cannot bypass the rawness of letting go. Cancer is connected to motherly care, and the comfort of home. When we have been disconnected to ourselves for so long, we forget how to follow our internal compasses. This is an invitation to come home to ourselves, and create the internal safety needed to move through life. It’s a time for pausing, reflecting (especially with Venus and Mercury in retrograde), mothering, and nurturing. Allow yourself to care for your inner child, and compassionately hold them as you navigate emotions that rise to the surface.

Lastly, this is a great time to bring your awareness to any ancestral, family, or maternal patterning that needs to be released, and transcended, as Cancer is connected to these themes. Notice what triggers you into intense emotion, or moodiness, as this will point you to what needs healing, nurturing, and care. As always, allow whatever isn’t serving fully die, but don’t forget to celebrate your journey, and your blessings, too!

Happy Cancer full moon, loves!  

Working with this full moon may look like…

  1. Taking a ritual bath: Cancer is a water sign ruled by the moon, so working with this element can be supportive as you work with lunar energy. Consider taking a ritual bath, and tune into your intuition around what needs to be released. Allow yourself to mother, and hold whatever emotions come to the surface.

  2. Making moon water: This is another great way to work with the element. Place a jar full of water under the light of the full moon, and infuse it with your intention for celebrating your path thus far, and releasing whatever is no longer serving you.

  3. Working with the inner child: The full moon in Cancer is a great time to exercise motherly instincts by nurturing, and caring for the inner child. Visualize the child version of yourself, and give them all of the sensitivity, and love they need.

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