The Aries Full Moon

Oct 03, 2022

Autumn graces us with a full moon in Aries on October 9th. Typically, this fiery placement would highlight courage, confidence, and leadership. However, the full moon forms a conjunction to Chiron, the wounded healer, adding a layer of sensitivity to these elements. This is a call to address any wounding we may have around identity, purpose, mission, and independence that prevent us from embracing the truth of who we are, and always have been. The magick message for this full moon is that you are not your wounds or your past. You are infinitely bigger than that and your potential is limitless. This lunar cycle is about having the courage to release past pain and move beyond old stories about who and what you are. 

Chiron represents where we have wounds around rejection, worthiness, and inadequacy. Within the sign of aries, this points to the expression of Self and individuality. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and represents new life. It symbolizes the passionate excitement that comes with embarking on a new journey, like a baby navigating the world for the first time. However, as the child develops, it soon cultivates an ego, identity, and sense of separateness. It has its own unique body and personality. Children are connected most to the authentic Self. They say no when they mean no, and yes when they mean yes. They scream when they’re upset and don’t pretend to like something they don’t. However, as they get older, they move through experiences that tell them who to be, what to do, and how to act. They even endure wounding, rejection, or shame around their unique essence. Soon, they identify with the stories others have told them about who they are, impacting their confidence and courage to stay true to themselves. They mold themselves to appease society, and thus, the false self is born. 

Aries is connected to our desires. This full moon allows our true desires to surface and helps us build consciousness around the false self. It’s about getting clear on our stories of inadequacy or ‘not enoughness’, releasing them, and fighting for the right to be our authentic selves. Aries teaches us that our bodies and actions hold deeper insight. In truth, it’s uncomfortable to betray the authentic self and our bodies feel this. Allowing ourselves to be present with our bodies when they are communicating discomfort allows us to heal and show up differently. Our actions, and triggers also hold important information about our relationship to Self.

A sextile to Saturn retrograde in Aquarius points to the trials and tribulations that lead to maturation and strengthening of character. How are the challenges you’re experiencing right now pushing you to heal in the realm of mission, identity, assertiveness, and leadership? This is about breaking karmic cycles and taking responsibility for how you’d like to move forward. This is also a call to address limiting beliefs and restrictions we place on our self expression. Aquarius reminds us that even if it looks odd or eccentric, being yourself is the key to freedom. This sign also highlights where we may be conforming to tradition or societal norms at the expense of losing oneself. It may be time to step into your own inner authority.

Lastly, the sun in Libra forms a conjunction to Venus, highlighting our relationships. This is a call to build awareness around where we may be identifying with our relationships and depending on them to define who we are, who we want to be, and what we want. Again, this is a call to cultivate a deeper sense of Self and bring this to our relationships, versus depending on those around us to give us meaning and purpose. It isn’t inherently bad that others give us purpose, we just need to be mindful that we know how to source identity and mission within. Sometimes, we have to be willing to go against the opinion of others for the sake of staying in integrity with Self. Aries helps us acquire the courage to go against the grain and stay in integrity with our truth. Our relationships should compliment who we are and our unique missions, not define us.

Happy Aries full moon!

Honoring this full moon may look like…

  1. Using your voice: Mars, the ruler of Aries, sits in Gemini. It might be a good time to practice speaking to your true opinions, ideas, and thoughts. This may help you cultivate the confidence and courage to express yourself. 

  2. Connect to your own unique essence: Sit in meditation and tune into your own energy. When you feel your energetic blueprint, notice if there is a color, visual, feeling, sensation, or texture associated with this. Practice connecting to your essence every day and advocating for it. 

  3. Shadow work: Now is a great time to do shadow work around your identity, mission, and sense of leadership. Are there parts of you that you discarded long ago because they weren’t deemed acceptable? Now is the time to reclaim these parts and lean into owning them. 

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