5 Ways to Honor The Full Moon in Sagittarius

May 30, 2023

June 3rd brings us full moon magick. Within the sign of Sagittarius, we’re presented with invitations to release old baggage so we can finally make space for expansion. It’s time to celebrate our journeys thus far, honoring all of the times we said ‘yes’ to growth, even if it felt scary or difficult. It’s also time to expand our capacity for experiencing what we truly deserve, whether that’s love, money, pleasure, or adventure. With the north node at play, fate is calling and we must be ready for the blessings that the universe has in store for us. 

Sagittarius is the mutable fire sign of the zodiac and is connected to travel, wisdom, truth, spirituality, philosophy, higher education and expansion, so we can expect these themes to arise with the arrival of the full moon. Mars in Leo fans the flames. This placement calls us to step into regality, recognizing ourselves as the kings and queens of our own realities. Now is the time to release old fears and narratives, replacing them with the courage to own our desires, truth, and dreams. As sovereign beings, we must be the ones to claim all that we are worthy of and allow ourselves to take up space. This is how we open ourselves to what the universe has in store for us. This placement also encourages us to pay attention to feelings of passion and excitement, as this may be pointing us to areas worthy of exploration. Lastly, Mars in Leo sheds light on the power of creativity and being seen. This is a great time to release what is no longer serving through creative expression, like dance, poetry, or storytelling. 


Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, forms a conjunction to the north node. This transit brings an element of fate, aligning us with the fortune and blessings that are meant for us. Within the sign of Taurus, this particularly pertains to areas of love, money, resources, pleasure, and security. Saturn in Pisces supports us in building the character needed to not only embrace all that we are worthy of, but also sustain it over time. He reminds us that in order to ground our dreams into the physical dimension, we must cultivate the discipline to release what is not meant for us, commit to our growth even if it feels a little uncomfortable, and have faith in the timing of the universe. This full moon is about embracing the unknown and allowing ourselves to navigate uncharted territories so we can recalibrate our definition of what is possible for us. It’s time to live bigger than we ever have before. When we feel fear arise, it’s a call to cultivate security within and train ourselves to believe that it is safe to feel good and receive blessings.


On that note, Saturn forms a square to the full moon, highlighting where we may be blocking our fortune. This placement reveals the limitations we place on ourselves. It’s a great time to observe the ways we hold ourselves back from fully embracing the pleasure, love, and beauty that life has to offer. It may also show us where we are suppressing our truth or trying to escape fear of the unknown. Should this arise, it’s an opportunity for deep transcendence and healing around old beliefs that keep us small. Allow yourself to be present with your fear instead of avoiding it or pushing it away. Grow your capacity to be with your emotions, and cultivate courage, trust, and commitment to your highest expansion.


Happy Sagittarius full moon!


Honoring this full moon in Sagittarius may look like…

  1. Embracing the unknown: Notice where you feel fear around the unknown and instead of trying escaping it, lean INTO it - not out of it. This is a call for transcendence and letting go so you can hold more of what you truly deserve.

  2. Growing your capacity: Notice where you’re limiting yourself from living big (whatever that means to you). Expand your capacity for deeper levels of love, pleasure, and adventure. With Leo at play, this is also a great time to allow ourselves to be seen and let this expand our capacity for vulnerability and authentic expression.

  3. Building character: It’s great to manifest what we want, but Saturn reminds us that we have to build the character to sustain it over time. Now is the time to cultivate discipline, courage, and commitment. This might look like releasing what isn’t meant for us, or committing to the inner work needed to receive and accept all that we truly deserve.

  4. Exploring uncharted territories: Let yourself feel things you haven’t felt before, go to places you haven’t been to, invest in things that feel scary but expansive.

  5. Releasing limitations: Notice where you’re placing limits on how much happiness, pleasure, and love you can take in. Get clear on the fears and beliefs that are holding you back, and perform a releasing ritual to let them go. It’s likely you’ll have to release them many times and cultivate the discipline to do so.

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