Mars Enters Leo: How to Take Action with Confidence

Jun 16, 2021

Mars, planet of action, drive, and passion recently moved into the constellation of Leo. This placement is invites us to step into our sovereignty, and carry ourselves with confidence. Leo is connected to the King and Queen archetypes, so Mars within this sign is all about moving forward with regality. Currently, this placement makes a trine to Neptune in Pisces, a placement of divinity. This energy reminds us of the greater hierarchy: God, King/Queen, and the people.

 What would it look like for you to surrender to divine guidance, move forward with sovereignty, and command your subjects (subjects could be a team of people, daily tasks, events, etc.)? Leo is connected to confidence, reminding us that the king or queen takes action with self-assurance. This confidence comes from the trust in God (Neptune), our intuition (Neptune), and our own will (Mars).

 Taking action from a place of sovereignty requires presence with oneself and the divine. Pausing, reflecting, meditating, listening, praying – these are all actions that connect you with the divine order of life. When you are tuned in, you can flow with the energy instead of against it (Mars trine Neptune in Pisces). Leo is connected to protection, as it is prepared to protect and defend its empire. However, on a higher level, the king or queen must move forward with faith in the protection of God.

 Confidence also comes from recognizing the power within. With Mars representing our own will, it is important that we trust ourselves to take action from a place that will ensure the well-being of our empire (your life, home, business, etc.). This will require self-awareness, and honesty with oneself. What are the agendas behind your actions? Where are they coming from? Are they serving your greatest good? In order to ensure the vitality and well-being of your empire, what needs to be prioritized? Do your actions reflect genuine care, strength, and courage? Trusting your own integrity and character will allow you to show up with confidence. This will require that you take the time to love, connect, and respect yourself as well as your people.

 The king or queen is humble. They are aware of their own downfalls, and that they cannot run an empire alone. The shadow side of Leo can be egotistical, selfish, flamboyant, and attention seeking. However, the journey of Mars in Leo will challenge us to lead with humility, celebrating our talents, while acknowledging our weaknesses. We must be willing to recognize, appreciate, and learn from people who can help us where we struggle most. An evolved Leo knows that running a ship on its own is unwise, so he/she/they must value the people. Taking impulsive action without the consulting the individuals you trust most could end in war.

Lastly, Mars makes squares to malefic planets, Pluto retrograde and Saturn retrograde. These placements invite us to integrate the shadow side of Mars, noticing insecurities that mask themselves as confidence. This is the prince or princess pretending to be the king or queen. Underneath your actions, gently notice unhealthy power plays, anger, impatience, impulsivity (or fear around taking necessary risks), arrogance, and defensiveness. Allow yourself to meet those shadows with love and care, releasing any negative influence they have over your empire.

 So, when it comes time to pushing onward and making decisions, ask yourself ‘What would a king or queen do?’.

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