Litha & The Summer Solstice

Jun 02, 2022

Litha, or midsomer is fast approaching, occurring on June 21st, 2022. Though many cultures recognize the summer solstice all over the world, Litha was (and is) celebrated in the British isles. This lively sabbat honors the sun at its peak strength on the longest day of the year. It is a celebration of the sun god, and the divine masculine energy in all of its glory.

Traditionally, bonfires were lit on top of hills next to holy wells (water is associated with this time of the year as we enter Cancer season), and people would stay up all night to witness the rising of the sun. Aromatic herbs were scattered into the fire, and used to bless the animals. People would achieve a balance between the elements of fire and water by setting large wheels ablaze, and rolling them down hills into creeks, rivers, and lakes. In England, it was believed that if one stayed up all night inside of a stone circle, they would see the fae. In Ireland, it was tradition to carry pebbles on one’s person, and whisper one’s wishes into the stones. In Wales, Litha was known as Gathering Day.

It was, and is, a joyous occasion. However….

With a celebration of the light comes an acknowledgement of the dark. Once Litha is over, the sun’s strength begins to wane, reminding us of the inevitable. As the weather begins to cool, the season of stillness and inward reflection approaches. We get closer, and closer to a cycle of stillness, and shadow.

Suggestions for June leading up to Litha

In order to honor Litha and the sun, this is a great time to study the sun in your natal chart. Recall the sign it’s in, and what this represents. Reflect on characteristics of this archetype that feel true to you. Study the house your sun sign is in, and the planets that are involved. Research the aspects, elements, and modes at play. In astrology, the sun represents our vitality, life-force, masculine energy, ego identity, willpower, self expression, and more. The month of June is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on what gives you life-force energy, and what depletes it. It’s a beautiful time to think about your mission in life, and if you’re in alignment with it. In astrology, the moon goes inward, while the sun goes outward. During June, make sure you’re getting out of your house, whether that means going for walks, meeting with friends, pursuing a hobby, etc. Make sure you’re feeding the side of you that craves life giving energy, self-expression, and creativity.

From a shadow work perspective, notice what lies beneath the surface as you bask in the sun’s light. Ongoing feelings, sensations, and outlooks that point to darker realities within the heart, and psyche will be waiting for us once the season of sunshine comes to a close. Be sure to give this side of you plenty of care, love, and acknowledgement, or the cold seasons ahead may be more intense. Be sure that honoring the sun doesn’t become a way to escape the dark, and lunar sides of ourselves. Additionally, notice if you have any blockages to embracing, and honoring your solar qualities - that which feeds your vitality, identity, life-force, mission/purpose, and self-expression. This will point you to shadows within that long for healing, and integration so you may shine your light.

Journaling Prompts & Shadow Work Questions:

  1. What feeds your vitality, identity, and life-force energy?

  2. Are there any blocks to understanding, embracing, and honoring this? If so, what are they?

  3. What do you believe to be your mission in life?

  4. Are there any blocks to understanding, embracing, and honoring this? If so, what are they?

June Blessings!

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