Independence Day Journaling Questions

Jul 04, 2021

Happy 4th of July, my loves!

With three important planets occupying my first house in Aquarius, opposing Chiron in my seventh, the challenge of claiming my independence amongst others has been an incredibly painful but rewarding journey. Like so many, I’ve always felt the pressure to merge with a partner, society, family, friends, etc. - to identify with a relationship, or take on the desires and needs of the people around me, while mistaking them as my own, and adopting them in order to feel accepted/validated. But this is how we lose ourselves if we merge without forming a solid sense of self first. This is how we wake up and look in the mirror as adults, not knowing who the fuck we are or how we got here.

For me, stepping into my independence has looked like learning (and unlearning) about myself. To continuously choose the single life for years because no potential partners resonate with the person I’ve taken the time to understand, and having the courage to wait. To choose a vocation - not just a career - that fits ME and not who others want me to be. To learn what I stand for, and advocate for it with my heart wide open even if other people don’t accept it. To have the courage to walk an unconventional path that speaks to me, even if it leaves people scratching their heads. To know what I agree and don’t agree with, and blatantly speak to it. To understand what my boundaries, needs, and desires are, and communicate them. To intentionally connect with my intuition on a daily basis, and always follow it, even if it doesn’t make rational sense to others. To run to my own aid and hold myself with unconditional love when I feel hurt, upset, and defeated. To recognize someone else’s poor behavior, not take it on or internalize it, and just leave the room to protect my own integrity.

This has been one of the greatest (and hardest) teachers of my entire life. I’ve failed a lot, but the successes have shaped me into an entirely different person than I used to be. I believe this path chose me, but I also continuously choose it. Why? Because the pain of stepping into my independence and owning it has forced me to meet myself so incredibly deeply… and let me tell you, radical self love is absolutely priceless. The more you meet yourself on this level, the less people you will let into your inner circle. This is because most people haven’t claimed their independence and chosen into self love to this degree, and people can only meet you as deeply as they’ve met themselves.

If I hadn’t been fated to find my independence and meet the pain that comes with it, I wouldn’t be serving you as I am today. I’d still be working a job I hated, with a partner who doesn’t resonate with my authentic self, and I’d probably have no clue who the fuck I am and what my purpose is here on earth. I would have never stepped into my gifts. I wouldn’t be the fierce, passionate, and driven person I am today, who sincerely and deeply wants to change the world for the better.


So, I’ve formed some journal questions for Independence day that can bring you closer to yourself. You can find them below.

  1. What is an unpopular opinion that I have, that I feel afraid or reluctant to express?

  2. What is something I’ve always gravitated towards, even if I don’t know why?

  3. What are my needs in relationship with others?

  4. What would a perfect world look like to me?

  5. What are some beliefs I have that differ from my family’s?

  6. Where do I feel pressured by society?

  7. If society wasn’t involved, how would my life look?

  8. What makes me feel free?

 Cheers to independence, and may you embark on the journey to claim your own!


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