Cancer Season: Heart of the Ocean

Jun 22, 2021

Today, Mercury goes direct and we can begin to apply what we’ve learned when it was retrograde. There were so many rich lessons that came from reflecting on our communication patterns in Gemini season. However, here’s the thing. The sun just entered Cancer, and it reminds us that communication is a means to express what is happening within our inner world. Gemini kept things pretty surface level, but Cancer is acutely aware of the soul’s depth. In fact, this is its inescapable reality…

Cancer, the crab, is the cardinal water sign of the zodiac. It is ruled by the moon, and is connected to the mother, family, and home. Cancer is also associated to the ocean, and there’s a very good reason for that. As the sun makes its way through Cancer, it forms a trine to Jupiter retrograde. This is an invitation to reflect on the ocean’s vastness – its mystery, depth, and sheer enormity. It is said that we know more about outer space than our own oceans. This is the nature of Cancer.

This sign doesn’t just point to light-hearted moments of dipping your toes in the foamy tides. It also represents the deepest parts of the ocean, where blue ends and black begins. The bottom of davy jones locker, home to species of undiscovered sea creatures that can withstand the impossible living conditions that come with this depth…and home to the inner child that longs to be mothered, held, nurtured. 

Aside from the vastness that Jupiter represents, this planet is also linked to abundance and wealth. Since Jupiter is retrograde in Pisces, our focus goes inward. We are invited to reflect on the fact that spiritual abundance is just as important, if not more, than material. Though Jupiter’s nature is known to be jubilant, Cancer reminds us that true spiritual abundance must be attained through honoring the vastness and depth of one’s consciousness. This includes the dark shadowy spaces. Why? Because this is where opportunities for radical self-acceptance, love, and healing live. It exists with the child who feels abandoned, rejected, and unaccepted. Spiritual expansion happens when you choose to accept and love this child.

The sun represents the conscious parts of ourselves, while the moon (ruler of Cancer) is tied to the unconscious. Thus, the conscious meets the unconscious when the sun travels through the constellation of Cancer. This gives us a choice, to meet ourselves with love. We not only decide to become more aware of what is happening beneath the ocean’s surface, but to also listen, nurture, and hold it.

Willingly going this deep will expand your depth and capacity to feel. This is the magick of Cancer. By choosing to sit and be present with the emotions that you’ve been experiencing, perhaps since childhood, you choose unconditional love the way a mother would. This is the wisdom of Jupiter in Pisces – once you merge with another by feeling what they feel, you become one. There is no separation between your pain, and the pain of someone else, and you can only recognize that depth of emotion if you’ve gone there yourself.

Jupiter reminds us that once you opt into this level of intimacy and vulnerability, your world expands. It gets bigger and deeper, and this scares the shit out of people. The crab (Cancer) wears its shell on its back in case it needs protection. This archetype can be quick to put up walls and turn people away, resulting in moodiness and unregulated emotion. However, Pisces is represented by the fish, and its super power is vulnerability. It doesn’t have a shell to protect itself, and this is why Pisces is connected to the deep merging with another. Jupiter, the wise guru, reminds us that when you let yourself open to this degree, your capacity for love grows. THIS is spiritual abundance and wealth - the oneness that comes from seeing yourself within another.

 So, as we head into Cancer season, I ask you this. Where are you protecting yourself from loving that deeply and vulnerably? Where did this protection pattern come from, and how is it blocking you from receiving the love you deserve? Are you afraid of what lies within the depths of your heart’s ocean? Consider that your shell is keeping you in shackles, and that true spiritual wealth is divine freedom to love. You don’t know what spiritual and emotional abundance tastes like until you hold an inner child with your entire heart, and weep with it. It is only then that we stop drowning, and start swimming.

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