The Full Moon in Leo

Mar 11, 2019

The Full Moon in Leo occurs on January 28th of 2021, and it celebrates our individuality. We are being asked to evaluate who we are amongst the collective, as well as the patterns that hold us back from expressing ourselves. Each person has medicine to offer this world, and its time to identify the gifts and talents that make us different. 

The sun in Aquarius points to the collective, and it speaks to our individuality amongst groups of people. Though there are seven billion humans on the planet, each person is unique in their own way. We all have experiences, abilities, and stories that no one else shares – not through our lens. Jupiter conjunct the sun reminds us that each person is an expression of divine consciousness, with their own unique wisdom to offer the world.

So, who are you amongst the crowd, and what makes you stand out? Leo has a deep need to feel seen and heard. On the night of the full moon, reflect on your gifts and talents. Think about how you have been expressing them up until this point, and if they feel acknowledged. We all desire to be significant in people’s lives. We do this by shining our light, and this cannot be achieved by adopting false identities. Therefore, this full moon is an invitation to cultivate a deeper sense of self.

With Pluto forming a tight conjunction to Venus, we are being called to transform our value system. Decide whether your values are reflective of your true identity or societal expectations. This placement also invokes spiritual transcendence around relationships, including the one we have with ourselves. Does the relationship you have with yourself feel safe enough to be authentic around others? If not, what are the thought patterns that keep you from fully expressing yourself?

This is an invitation to look at your self-worth and its impact on your ability to give something of value to others. Leo embodies confidence and sovereignty, and the full moon is a great time to start owning what makes you special. It is a sign that rules the heart, so tap into your heart and tune into the messages it has for you. Leo reminds us that we are the kings and queens of our own worlds, and it is important to relate to ourselves in this way. 

Jupiter conjunct the sun serves as an opportunity to expand our horizons. Doors will open once we cultivate the courage to be seen. Fears may surface, but Leo reminds us that we are stronger than we think. On the night of the full moon, approach your shadows with the heart of a lion. You are valuable and needed on this planet.

Happy Leo Full Moon, my loves!

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