5 Ways to Honor the Virgo New Moon

Sep 13, 2023

The new moon in Virgo on September 14th brings new beginnings, especially with Mercury stationing direct the following day. That said, this isn’t necessarily a time for charging forward. With so many planets in retrograde, we’re still moving through a season of reflection. Virgo, a task oriented sign devoted to work & service is always on the go. However, we’re challenged to slow down and sit with what is underneath the busyness of life. We’re meant to cleanse ourselves so we can begin a new chapter from a fresh lens and pure intentions.

Virgo is represented by the Virgin and serves as a symbol of purity. Therefore, this new moon is about detoxing and cleansing. We can look to nature for deeper insight. The Virgo archetype is all around us. For example, we can find it in the plants that work on a molecular level to ensure the functionality of a whole system. Every chemical, cell, and nutrient has a place, and is in service to the prosperity of a larger organism. This is Virgo’s role on the cosmic wheel of life. It focuses on each and every small detail in order to ensure that the entire system is running properly and purifies anything that disturbs its functionality. It brings order to chaos. Because of this, Virgo values organization, task management, work, being of service, and cleanliness. 

This new moon invites us to bring order to the chaos in our own lives by looking at the larger systems and assessing what is breaking them down. Pluto retrograde invites us to look to the underworld for deeper insight. This is a call to address our shadow, fear, and darkness that impacts us on a daily basis. Virgo can get swept away by the hustle and bustle, but Mercury retrograde reminds us that staying busy can be a form of distracting ourselves from what’s underneath. Pluto teaches us that when we have the courage to face what lies in our underworlds directly, this is how we take our power back. Within the shadow of perfectionism can be a fear of rejection, and underneath a critical mind can be a fear of failure. It is the unaddressed fears that create neurosis and impact the way our entire system functions.

We can also transform our underworld material by noticing what comes up in response to things going awry. Although Mercury will station direct on September 15th, it’s still retrograde during the new moon. Miscommunications and mishaps are notoriously connected to this transit, but there’s a good reason for this. Mercury is the trickster god and it is this archetype that pushes our buttons until our darkness emerges. This is a great time to notice who we become and how we show up when we’re pushed to the edge. We can notice old stories, patterns, and beliefs emerging, asking to be cleansed and cleared so we begin a new chapter.

Moreover, Neptune retrograde influences the new moon. This transit reveals where we are deceiving ourselves or creating illusions that distort our realities. Again, old stories and patterns that haven’t been cleared can be the culprit for confusion. When we look through a lens colored by the past, we aren’t able to see things for what they are. Jupiter retrograde encourages us to get curious about the bigger spiritual lessons at play and seek the truth. Lastly, the Virgo new moon isn’t only a time to cleanse mentally and spiritually, but also physically. This is a great time to organize your physical space, go on a cleansing diet, detox with herbs (carefully) and more.

Happy Virgo New Moon!

Here are 5 ways to honor this Virgo new moon…. 

  1. Cleanse Emotionally and Spiritually: Reflect upon what is weighing you down emotionally and spiritually, and cleanse via meditation, journaling, or visualization.

  2. Cleanse physically: Now is also a great time to organize and clean your physical spaces (inner and outer). It’s a good time to change your diet and get rid of clutter that is no longer serving you. 

  3. Work with deities of purification: You can work with purity goddesses, such as Astrea, in order to receive guidance and support as you purify.

  4. Transform: The retrograde energy invites us to notice what comes up when things go awry and transform what lies within our underworlds such as old stories, patterns, beliefs etc. 

  5. Make changes to your daily routine: Remember, the devil is in the details and small things can have a big impact. This is a great time to get practical and change small things that you do on a day-to-day basis that support your new moon intentions

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