5 Ways to Honor The New Moon in Gemini

Jun 11, 2023

On June 18th, the new moon in Gemini marks a fresh chapter. Typically, the moon transiting through this sign would support brainstorming, communicating, and rationalizing. However, Neptunian influences create murky waters, inviting us to tap into intuition as we set new moon intentions. This may not be a great time to decide on a direction, but rather to follow the breadcrumbs of curiosity. This lunar cycle is also ideal for creativity and self-expression.

The new moon forms a square to Neptune. Logical Gemini struggles to navigate and reason through Neptune’s ethereal fog. This placement highlights any confusion, indecision, or absentmindedness we may be experiencing. Although this can leave us feeling directionless, times like these have purpose - to work muscles that aren’t normally used when we have clarity. Now is the time to cultivate empathy for ourselves, develop trust in our intuitions, and lean on spirit for guidance (whatever that means to you). This placement reminds us that information and messages don’t only come in the form of logic, but also feeling. Neptune can also point to deception, both of our own making and other’s. This is an opportunity to begin a fresh lunar cycle with honesty and transparency around what we’re truly desiring and feeling. 

On that note, Mercury forms a sextile to Venus and Mars in Leo. While it may not be the best time to choose a direction, this placement encourages creative thought and self-expression. It represents sexual energy, not necessarily in a literal sense, but metaphorically. Mars and Venus joining together symbolize the divine feminine and masculine forces birthing something new into creation. Gemini, represented by the twins, is also connected to duality. The masculine and feminine poles within us are one form of duality that we can honor and work with during the new moon. Allow all parts of you to have a voice - the logical, emotional, dark, light, peaceful, warring, etc. As Mercury transits through Gemini, this could be a great time to sing, dance, draw, or write. Creating a safe space for all sides of you to express themselves can bring clarity and self-awareness around direction. Leo also places emphasis on the heart, encouraging us to move from this energetic center.

Lastly, Saturn is newly retrograde in Pisces and forms a square to Mercury. This placement is an opportunity to retrace our steps and look to the past for answers. Saturn can point to where we have suppressed our emotions, struggled with boundaries, escaped/ran from our problems, or haven’t voiced our true feelings. This is an invitation to compassionately sit with these inner blockages and reflect upon how they may be holding us back or limiting us in our lives. Again, allowing ourselves to creatively express these sides of us can unblock any pent up energy, making way for more ease and clarity. Gemini brings inquisition, reminding us that getting curious about our current experiences as opposed to judging ourselves will open doorways for transcendence and answers to come through.


Happy Gemini New Moon!


Here are 5 ways to honor this new moon…

  1. Honor your duality: Allow the different parts of you to have a voice - to be seen, known, and heard without judgment. The logical, emotional, dark, light, peaceful, warring, etc.

  2. Creatively Express: You can express these sides creatively through dance, art, writing, or whatever medium speaks to you. Allow yourself to unblock pent up energy to make way for clarity.

  3. Follow your curiosity: Gemini brings inquisition. Getting curious about your current experience as opposed to judging it will open a doorway for answers to come through.

  4. Reflect on the past: With Saturn Rx at play, reflect on where you have suppressed your emotions, struggled with boundaries, escaped/ran from your problems, or haven’t voiced your true feelings. Get curious about how this may be holding you back today.

  5. Communicate: Gemini is connected to all forms of communication. Though it may not be a good time to initiate conversations without clarity, having the internal dialogues needed through journaling, meditating, visualizing, etc. can be a great way to work with the celestial forces.   

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