5 Ways to Honor the New Moon in Cancer

Jul 12, 2023

The new moon in Cancer on July 17th provides us with a cosmic reset. Cancer is associated with the mother archetype, connecting us to the wisdom of the womb. This sign is also associated with family, home, and ancestry. With Uranus at play, change is afoot in these areas. Uranus is the great disrupter, illuminating where we have fallen asleep and awakening us to higher mindsets. Tapping into our emotions and intuitions may lead to downloads of insight. With Pluto in the mix, we may come to terms with what must die for new life to emerge.

The new moon forms a sextile to Uranus. This placement illuminates where we’ve fallen asleep to social norms and status quo at the expense of our authentic truths. Uranus brings disruption and intervention, a difficult but necessary function on the wheel of life. He will highlight where we are keeping ourselves imprisoned and push us to claim inner freedom. This is an invitation to notice where we are running on autopilot and blindly accepting societal outlooks. We will be called to address where we are imprisoned by fears such as not fitting in or having enough material resources. Cancer encourages us to pay close attention to our emotions and intuitions for cues that change is needed, especially in the realms of family, home, and motherhood. 

Cancer isn’t just connected to the mother in the literal sense, but also metaphorically. We each have this archetype within us. When we nurture a project, business, pets, or plants we are activating the mother archetype. Uranus asks us to notice how we’re showing up in this area of our lives and shift how we care for ourselves, others, etc. Cancer also teaches us that home is literally and metaphorically where we find comfort. Home can be found externally in a place or person, and it can also be found within us in our ability to accept, love, and nurture ourselves. Home is a safe space we return to for nourishment - not a prison. Uranus will call us to make shifts in this realm, asking us to notice where we are finding home in places that don’t truly bring comfort, and to find home in healthier places.

The new moon forms an opposition to Pluto retrograde, bringing introspection and a deep dive into the underworld. However, with Cancer here, the darkness can be connected to the mother’s womb, or Mother Gaia’s soil underground. This is where the dead decays and where new life emerges. Uranus may bring insight, but Pluto will ask us to release what isn’t working and allow it to die. On the night of the new moon, surrender what isn’t serving you to mother gaia. Allow her to transform it into something new. We know death is calling when we feel stagnant, irritable, exhausted, and more. What are you ready to release? What would new life look like? Pluto exposes our deepest, rawest, and darkest truths, but the mother’s womb gives us the safety we need to be vulnerable. In this space, we are supported by something bigger than ourselves.

With Neptune retrograde at play, we may need to reflect upon where we haven’t been seeing things clearly. Uranus will shatter the illusions we’ve created that have been keeping us stuck, and Pluto will ask us to transform them into something new. This is a time of surrender, transcendence, and healing. 


Happy Cancer New Moon!

5 Ways to Honor The New Moon:

  1. Work with the mother archetype: Call in mother goddesses and ask for wisdom or guidance. This is a great time to receive the acceptance, unconditional love, and compassion we may not be getting in our daily lives.

  2. Go ‘home’: Home is where we find nourishment, comfort, and belonging. We can find it in places or people. We can also find it INTERNALLY. How do you need to come home to yourself? What does home mean to you?

  3. Liberate: Uranus asks us to reflect upon where we’re conforming to societal expectations around home, motherhood, and domestic affairs. This planet gives us permission to break the mold and listen to our authentic voices. 

  4. Nurture and care: We all have the mother archetype within us. You can activate this part of you by nurturing people, projects, pets, and yourself during the new moon.

  5. Release to mother gaia: Pluto asks us to reflect upon what needs to die. Give whatever isn’t serving to mother gaia so she can transform it into something else.

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