4 Ways to Work With the Taurus Blood Moon Eclipse

Nov 22, 2022

Astrology for the Taurus Blood Moon Eclipse

Eclipse season continues with a full blood moon in Taurus on November 8th. The central theme at play is unexpected change that challenges us to cultivate security, safety, and stability within ourselves. Uranus retrograde brings an air of introspection, providing us with opportunities for awakenings and profound insight. We may receive clarity around where we’re limiting and restricting ourselves from embracing necessary change that will propel us forward on our paths. With Venus in the mix, relationships could serve as catalysts for transformation and evolution. 

Lunar eclipses bring fated change to our lives and often come in the form of endings. This lunar eclipse in Taurus conjuncts Uranus, planet of sudden change, revolution, and awakening. This placement adds fuel to the fire, amplifying the likelihood for wake up calls and unexpected shifts. Since Uranus is retrograde, this can result from profound realizations and insights that come with introspection. Looking at things from a different perspective can catalyze deep transformation. However, as the fixed earth sign of the zodiac, Taurus is known to resist change at all costs. Its strengths lie within creating stability, comfort, and security. When necessary transition comes knocking, Taurus can stubbornly cling to predictability and familiarity.

The lunar eclipse invites us to find a deeper sense of security within ourselves to withstand the winds of change. It’s a reminder that the true nature of life is wild and free. Nothing is guaranteed and shifts can happen at any time, highlighting what we’re clinging to for a false sense of security. This is a call to ground into ourselves by creating the solidity and predictability we need to embrace the unknown. With Uranus at play, we’re challenged to do things differently than we ever have before. Perhaps creating predictability looks like establishing new routines in your spiritual practice that you can return to every day. Maybe security looks like developing new meditative techniques that foster safety. It’s possible that staying in the present moment, moving slower, and taking pleasure in the small things provides you with a sense of grounding. These are things that cannot be taken from you without your permission. This lunar eclipse can also bring deeper insight  to Taurus related themes such as money, resources, worth, beauty, food, sensuality, pleasure, reliability, practicality, quality, and the material world.

With Venus and Mercury forming conjunctions to the sun in Scorpio, the themes at play extend to our relationships. When we do the inner work to cultivate security within ourselves, this can transform our relationships. Conversely, people in our lives could serve as catalysts for our own transformations. They can highlight the way we relate to worth, value, and security within ourselves, inviting us to create a deeper sense of stability. Death and rebirth is a potent theme for Scorpio, so connections that disturb our inner peace may fall away, or it’s possible that certain conversations need to take place in order to transform the relationship. This placement encourages intimacy, allowing us to talk about subjects that previously remained hidden or in the underworld of our being. This is a call to reach beyond the surface layer and reflect upon the stories, ideas, and perceptions around our relationships and how they may prevent us from cultivating security and intimacy. 

Lastly, Saturn in Aquarius forms a square to the lunar eclipse in Taurus. This is a call to look at where we delay, limit, and restrict ourselves from reaching our full potential and walking a path that is our own. This placement points to our resistance around embracing necessary change and transformation that is working for us, not against us. Saturn highlights the discipline, commitment, and inner work needed to walk a path that is authentic and uniquely for us, despite societal outlooks or the opinions of others. This can pertain to relationships and Taurus related themes. Now is the time to release what is no longer serving and surrender to the shifts that are afoot.

Honoring this full moon eclipse may look like..

  1. Grounding Yourself

This is a great time to cultivate new grounding techniques or utilize ones that are already working for you. Since Taurus is an earth sign, this can look like taking walks in nature or performing tea rituals. It can also look like meditation or visualization. Small releasing rituals that employ the earth element are great during this time.

2. Cultivating Security

What are you insecure about? This eclipse is a great opportunity to create safety in your environment. This can come in the form of inner child work or spending time doing things that provide you with a sense of comfort and stability. 

3. Thinking outside of the box

Uranus encourages us to shift our perspective or do things differently. Do you feel like you keep hitting the same wall over and over again? It may be time to see through a new lens or try something you haven’t done before even if it seems a little odd or unfamiliar.

4. Nourishing Your Relationships

 It may be a good time to start thinking about any conversations you’d like to have with a partner, friend, family member, or coworker that can provide necessary transformation, safety, and stability. It’s also possible that you may need to release relationships that aren’t serving your inner peace or create new ones. 

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