Astrologer & Shadow-Work Coach, helping people break unwanted patterns - and the chains that bind them - by honoring the celestial dialects of astrology, drawing upon mythology, and navigating the mysterious shadow, where the connection of eternal wisdom is bridged with internal knowing.

Welcome to the virtual sacred space of All My Ancestors. Let's go beyond the boundaries that have been too fearful to cross, explore the deep, and illuminate the darkness with honor and light.


To explore who you are and where you're going.



To do the inner work and become who you're meant to be.

 ⫸Community goal setting for the new moon
 ⫸ Live community dreamwork circles
⫸Live moon full ceremonies with guest speakers 
⫸ First & last quarter moon challenges and check-ins 
⫸ On-demand video library of rituals, meditations, and workshops
⫸ Virtual community for connection and support
A little about me...

I'm Marisa (Riss) Cottrill. I'm a certified Jungian Coach, astrologer, published author, speaker, and ceremonial facilitator. I'm passionate about helping people hack the inner workings of their minds and befriend the shadows that prevent them from reaching their highest potential. You may also know me as the house astrologer for the brand Tamed Wild.

I draw upon mythology and the language of the stars for insight into personal development.

As an astrologer and shadow-worker, I speak, coach, and offer readings at retreats, conferences, ceremonies, and more.

A little about shadow work...

Shadow work allows us to dive into the unconscious realm, taking a look at the patterning that holds us back. It allows us to identify core beliefs, thoughts, and values that aren’t working in our favor, providing us with opportunity for change.

Shadow work is a great option if you’re feeling like there needs to be a shift in your life towards deeper and more fulfilling experiences, but you’re having trouble identifying what is holding you back.

 “Working with Riss in the shadow work coaching container has been life-changing. She is compassionate and a wonderful guide through the entire process. Each week brought a new level of self awareness, acceptance, and gratitude for life.  While it was not always easy to face myself, I felt so supported through the entire transformation.  Absolutely world-class and I would highly recommend working with Riss.”
- Scott M.

Learn the Basics of Shadow Work

 Shadow Work 101 is a beginner's level 60 minute class to help you learn the basics of shadow work and get started on your practice today! In this course recording, I discuss what shadow work is, how to do it, and its benefits. I also cover how to incorporate it into your daily and spiritual practices, and end with a shadow work practice you can do at any time in the future. 


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